AdGuard VPN — private proxy

AdGuard VPN — private proxy

Protect your online identity and unblock the internet

AdGuard Software Limited

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AdGuard VPN — private proxy app to encrypt and protect your data from being spied on when connected to the Internet, bypass the ban imposed on you in your region, and open all blocked sites and services freely.

Le positif
Great speed and high security when connecting to servers.
Many servers in different places around the world.
Control the connection to exclude specific sites and apps.
Le négatif
Requires registration to run VPN service.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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VPN apps

VPN apps have become necessary and essential apps in every smartphone and mobile, especially for people who have an Internet ban in their area.

VPN apps help bypass the ban very easily, and access all blocked websites, services, and games. AdGuard is one of the most popular VPN services, and about 25 million users around the world depend on it.

How AdGuard works

The Internet is unblocked by establishing a connection between the user's device and one of the service servers, and encrypting all sent and received data between the two parties with military-grade encryption, and this makes it difficult to block your connection by Internet providers.

Free registration at first

The AdGuard VPN app requires registration to the service in order to work, you can create a new account by entering your email to receive the activation message, and you can quickly register via a Google, Facebook, or Apple account. 

Usage credit during the month

Once you create a new AdGuard VPN account, 3GB of usage credit will be added to your account. This credit is available for a maximum of one month. When the credit expires, you have to wait for the next month to get your free monthly credit.

Create a new connection to the server

The AdGuard VPN service includes a large number of servers, distributed in more than 55 countries around the world and ready to connect at any time, and this gives the user several options to choose the server location and country.

Choosing the right server to connect

By default, the fastest server available for connection is selected, however, the user can view all the servers in the service, and then manually choose the country he wants to connect to, next to each server the response speed appears to show the connection speed.

Security and privacy 

AdGuard VPN provides the highest degree of security when establishing the connection with the server, as all sent and received data is encrypted, to ensure user privacy and protect their data from theft.

Manage websites and apps 

AdGuard VPN allows connection management with some options, which help in getting the best user experience, and it increases the speed of using websites and apps significantly.

Exclude some websites 

The app supports the ability to exclude some sites from using the connection, which are sites that are not banned and do not need to connect to the server to access them, and the sites are chosen from a list that contains the most famous sites from several different fields.

Control apps that use the connection

Phone apps that use the connection can also be controlled. By default, all apps connect to the server when using the Internet, but some apps can be excluded to run without the need to connect to the service.

Features of AdGuard VPN — private proxy 

  • A great app to bypass the internet ban imposed by the ISP in your area.
  • Open all blocked sites and services freely and without restrictions.
  • Protect and encrypt your data with high security when connected to the Internet.
  • It includes many servers in many countries around the world.
  • Choose the fastest server automatically or choose a specific server manually.
  • Get a free monthly credit to use the service.
  • Excluding certain websites and apps from using the VPN service.

You can download the application to open blocked sites and services and bypass the ban on the Internet AdGuard VPN — private proxy 2.7.25 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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