Angry Birds Epic RPG

Angry Birds Epic RPG

The epic RPG version of Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

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The epic Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Epic for Android, offers a completely different gameplay style. It is a turn-based role-playing game and is considered very good in the realm of games of the same genre.

Le positif
Different gameplay style compared to previous parts.
Comprehensive tutorial to get acquainted with the gameplay.
Le négatif
Annoying fullscreen ads occasionally pop up.
Longer development time for weapons and abilities
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Mohammed Samir
Note des critiques

The game starts as usual in the Angry Birds style, with those annoying green pigs stealing the birds' eggs once again, and needless to say, the birds immediately join forces to reclaim what's rightfully theirs by any means necessary. If you expect to see the usual flinging of winged birds at fortified pigs, you'll be surprised because this time the game has turned into a real RPG (Role-Playing Game), and you need to win when it's your turn as quickly as possible.

The game looks promising right from the start, with the Red Bird being the initial hero, and his first battles are easy to win, aiming to introduce the player to the game mechanics.

In other words, the first 10 minutes of gameplay serve as a tutorial that prepares you for the real challenges ahead. Eventually, you'll unlock additional birds like Chuck (the yellow speedster) and Bomb Bird.

Each bird has unique attacks and abilities. For example, Chuck can attack all enemies at once with a lightning strike, while the Red Bird delivers a powerful blow to a single opponent. The same applies to different pig enemies, as they have different strengths and weaknesses that you can actually see during battles.

To be honest, Angry Birds Epic RPG doesn't feel epic, at least not at the beginning. The combat seems repetitive and not exactly what you'd call "thrilling," even though this type of game involves players and opponents taking turns attacking each other. But then, the difficulty started to increase, and we lost a few battles while making fun of our pig foes, only to realize we hadn't done anything right.

Then we realized that battles demanded us to plan ahead and use the right strategy, whether to hit the strongest enemy or go for the weakest, to attack with full force or cast the shield spell to protect ourselves from incoming deadly attacks, and more.

We had to learn how to craft our weapons, prepare potions, and employ various buffs and abilities that could aid us in battle. Once you grasp all of this in the game, you finally start to feel the fun in this genre, and you'll enjoy it.

The visual effects are cartoony, as in all games of the series. We don't complain about that; in fact, the colorful graphics are one of the many things that make Angry Birds games so beloved.

The animations, effects, and even the different menus in the game are beautifully and intricately drawn. Similarly, the sound effects add a lot of fun to the game. Like all Angry Birds games, this part, Angry Birds Epic RPG 3.0.27463.4821, is worth trying for both seasoned and novice players. Download this game now and join your friends in this beautiful experience from Rovio on our website

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