BeePass VPN: Easy & Secure

BeePass VPN: Easy & Secure

Bypass the Internet ban

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BeePassVPN: Unlimited & Secure to unblock websites and browse your favorite websites, games, and services without restrictions, enjoy complete freedom to access everything you want in the online world.

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Provides unlimited VPN service without ads.
Establishes a very fast and secure connection with the server.
Obtains access keys in more than one way.
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The country is not shown when adding a server.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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In some countries, governments impose a ban on some services and websites, and prevent users from accessing them permanently for several reasons; many users resort to VPN services to bypass the ban imposed on them, and BeePassVPN is one of the best and fastest free VPN services in the world of the Internet.


It is a service that helps people bypass the ban imposed on them in their region, and it is completely free and open source and is very concerned about privacy and protection.

How BeePassVPN works

The app focuses on helping users to bypass the ban, and it connects the user to one of the servers that provide the VPN service, using an obtained access key, so that it is difficult for the Internet provider to block the connection with the server.

Benefits of using VPN services

There are many benefits of using VPN services; the most important is accessing all websites, in addition to hiding the identity of the user on the Internet, protecting the user's data by encrypting it and preventing access to it from any third party, and many more. 

A simple user interface

The app's user interface is one of the easiest and simplest interfaces ever, and it only consists of one screen that includes all the servers that you have added, and it is available in English and Farsi.

Get access keys

The access key is the most important element for creating a new connection to the server. It is a code that is obtained by several means and then added to the app, and once you have it you will be ready to connect with the BeePassVPN service.

How to get the access key

BeePassVPN provides a variety of free access keys, and for now, a new key can be obtained in two main ways:

  • Telegram bot

    You can get a new access key via a Telegram bot, which is an automated bot that responds to your requests for access keys, in addition to performing several other functions related to the service.
  • Email bot

    Another way to obtain a new access key is by sending a message to the service's e-mail, and your message will be automatically answered and a new access key will be provided to you.

Manage the list of servers in the service

When you copy the access key code, it will be recognized automatically in the BeePassVPN app, and you can add more than one access key to connect with more than one server, with the ability to distinguish the servers by renaming them.

Features of BeePassVPN

  • A fast and completely free proxy to unblock the Internet.
  • Unlimited use of the service without any annoying ads.
  • Access blocked sites, services, and games.
  • Hides the user's identity and encrypts the sent and received data.
  • Establishes an encrypted and secure connection with the server to provide VPN service easily.
  • Add servers by obtaining access keys.
  • Get free access keys via Telegram bot or email bot.

You can download the app to access blocked sites, services, and games in your region with a very fast and secure connectionBeePassVPN 1.7.0 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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