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PDF Scanner - Document Scanner

To convert paper documents and images into PDF files quickly

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The PDF Scanner App - Free Document Scanner & Scan PDF app allows you to scan images using your device's camera and easily convert them into PDF files. You can scan documents, books, small cards, and more, then convert them into PDF files and share them directly with anyone.

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Quick and ready-to-use tools for scanning business cards.
Automatic recognition of document boundaries in images.
Select the quality for saving PDF files and images as well.
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You cannot add more images to a PDF file.
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Mohammed Samir
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Working with PDF Files in Various Fields

PDF files are one of the most widely used file formats. They have numerous apps, such as sending reports, resumes, invoices, and more. PDFs preserve text and formatting without modification from any other format.

They can be opened on any device, whether it's a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This app helps you create PDF files from any image. You can use it to easily convert documents, books, business cards, and more into PDFs.

Scanning Documents or Importing Them from the Gallery

One way to create PDF files is by capturing images with your device's camera. Simply open the camera interface from the app and choose whether to capture a single image or multiple images for the file. Point your camera at the document or paper, capture the image, and the app will automatically recognize the document's edges.

You can manually adjust the document's boundaries as needed. In addition to capturing images with the camera, you can import ready-made images from your device's gallery.

Editing Documents and Clarifying Text

After capturing or importing images of paper documents, you can make various edits to each image. The app provides multiple pre-set filters that can be applied to the image.

Some filters remove colors and focus on clarifying text, while others invert colors and more. Choose the appropriate filter for the image before saving it and converting it into a PDF. Before that, you can also select a file name and image quality.

Managing and Sharing Documents with Everyone

All the documents you capture and convert to PDF are stored in the app's main interface. A lightweight preview of the first page of each document is displayed, along with the creation date of the file. You can manage and interact with the files in many ways.

You can rename the file to distinguish it from others, save the file on your device in a dedicated app folder, share the file directly through other apps, or delete it from the app.

Features of the PDF Scanner App

  • Easily create PDF files by capturing images with the camera.
  • Automatic recognition of document boundaries after capturing the image.
  • Pre-set modes for capturing business cards and personal photos.
  • Edit images using various filters and manually adjust boundaries.
  • Support for saving documents as images instead of PDFs.
  • Browse all PDF files on your device, open them, and interact with them.
  • Manage the documents you create with various options.

You can download the latest version of the PDF creation app via document scanning: PDF Scanner App - Free Document Scanner & Scan PDF from the Downzen website for free by clicking the download button on the page.

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