Plants vs. Zombies™

Plants vs. Zombies™

Protect your brain against waves of hungry Zombies!


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Plants vs. Zombies FREE is an award wining strategy game where you fight zombies with plants (because why not!), the game had millions of downloads on Google play.

Le positif
Awesome graphics.
Different playing modes and characters.
Mini games.
Le négatif
The game is short.
Only one boss ( Dr. Zomboss) at the end of the game.
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Ammar Kurd
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    Plants vs. Zombies FREE is one of the most downloaded games, the game takes place in your house's front yard (the battlefield) you gather your worriers (Plants) to defend your house and brain. Every plant has some unique offensive or defensive capabilities but you have to place them strategically to stop the zombie invasion.

    In the game you collect sun points and use them to plant your plants, you can get it free but it is slow or else you have to plant Sunflower which produces more sun points. The more sun points you have the more plants you can get.

    As the game progresses the zombies' abilities evolve and they become better at invading your house and eating your brain! but lucky your plants evolve as well but use them wisely.

    Zombies will attack you from house's front yard, back yard, near the pool or roof. You will be also attacked day and night. Oh boy, those Zombies, right! they are determined to eat your brain.

    Plants vs. Zombies has some fun mini-games to play they won't be available at first, but ZomBotany, Wall-nut Bowling, and Slot Machine will be unlocked before finishing Adventure Mode, other mini-games will be unlocked after completing Adventure Mode.

    There are 28 different types of zombies: Zombie, Flag Zombie, The Conehead Zombie, Pole Vaulting Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Newspaper Zombie, Screen Door Zombie, Trash Can Zombie, Football Zombie, Dancing Zombie, Backup Dancer, Ducky Tube Zombie, Snorkel Zombie, Imp, Gargantuar, Zomboni, Zombie Bobsled Team, Dolphin Rider Zombie, Jack-in-the-Box Zombie, Zomboni, Balloon Zombie, Digger Zombie, Pogo Zombie, Zombie Yeti, Bungee Zombie, Ladder Zombie, Catapult Zombie and Dr. Zomboss.

    There are around 37 different plants: Peashooter, Sunflower, Repeater, Potato Mine, Wall-nut, Chomper, Cherry Bomb, Snow Pea, Explode-o-nut, Giant wall-nut, Puff-shroom, Fume-shroom, Sun-shroom, Hypno-shroom, Grave Buster, Doom-shroom, Scaredy-shroom, Ice-shroom, Squash, Threepeater, Spikeweed, Tall-nu, Lily Pad, Jalapeno, Tangle Kelp, Blover, Magnet-shroom, Pumpkin, Cactus, Split_Pea, Starfruit, Plantern, Sea-shroom, Kernel-pult, Marigold, Cabbage-pult and Melon-pult.

    The game is defiantly comedic and fun to play, we loved Crazy Dave the neighbor character with his gibberish pep talk and hilarious warnings.

    So place your plants wisely collect as much sun points as you can to win your battles against the zombies. The game is not known for its length but sure we wish it was longer. We promise you that you will have fun playing Plants vs. Zombies FREE.

    You can get Plants vs. Zombies FREE by clicking the download link in the page, you can also check Plants vs. Zombies 2.

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