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Play and Learn Science

Learn by playing with fun science friends and explorers


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Play using science with friends, learning, and experimenting is all you find in Play and Learn Science. A young child learns about the world around him through experimentation and exploration and learns physics and different matter reactions to everything he sees and surrounds him.

Le positif
A set of scientific tests in the form of games.
Great graphics successfully deliver the scientific idea.
Recognize the physical properties of objects and the science of physics and weather.
Finding solutions and creating innovative ways.
Instructions for parents on how to participate with children and an explanation of the characteristics indicated in the games.
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The game is provided in English and Spanish only and does not support Arabic.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Young children can learn about weather and climate temperatures and their impact on the environment and humans with a set of games professionally designed to provide the science to children and encourage them to experiment.

Water games

Play and Learn Science presents a set of wonderful games that depend on the reaction of objects when dealing with water, the ability of a young child to draw correct paths to deliver water to the right place, or to fill the puppy's bowl.

The child learns about the nature of water and its flow, and through the use of various tools, he can create an appropriate path that helps the water flow to the right place. The child also recognizes the appropriate angles and objects and puts them in the most suitable place for them.

In addition, the child can learn about the buoyancy or sinking properties of different objects, your child can, by experimenting with a group of different objects in weight and composite material, and throwing them into a water basin, learn about the ability of different materials to float on the water or sink directly.

Likewise, which objects can float below the visible water level, or can some objects hold other objects and not sink!

Ramp and Roll

Round, straight, flat, and differently shaped objects that the child throws over the slope of the slide to know which of these objects can rotate and which are descending vertically.

These games, no matter how simple they seem, bring the young child closer to important ideas about the reaction of different objects around him according to their action on them.

The purpose-to-target games are also important in determining the child's ability to measure distances and the Play and Learn Science game allows him to identify different surfaces and learn about the friction property of various objects.

The child now is able to identify low-friction surfaces, which help to deliver objects quickly, or slow ones that obstruct the way of the rolling ball because they are high-friction or even grassy surfaces.

The set of ramp and roll games is distinctive and interesting and conveys science to the child simply and practically.

Shadow Play

Does the sun affect the shade? Is it responsible for its existence? Does the distance of the sun’s rays change the shape of the object's shadow? Can a young child identify hidden objects by recognizing the shadow that is drawn on the wall?

All these questions and more are answered for children through a set of games that bring them closer and explain to them the most important questions related to the sun's rays, the formation of shadows, and their reflection on the ground in front of them.

By moving the position of the sun during the different hours of the day, they will know why at times the shadow is in front or behind them, as well as the change in its length during this time.

Weather Control

Your child is able to control the sun's rays, the temperature of the atmosphere, the rotation of the four seasons, and their effect on the nature around them, as well as on animals and living creatures in a more than wonderful way.

The kids can move the sun towards high temperatures to discover the summer and the temperature the weather reaches during the day, what snow is and when the water freezes, and also learn about the hibernation of animals, the blooming of flowers, and the movement of bees and butterflies.

Gear Up

Have you thought about what is the right outfit for the summer? Is heavy clothing appropriate for this season? What are the best clothes for swimming?

Many questions are answered by playing, and the wonderful umbrella game teaches the child the appropriate surfaces to protect from rainwater and what are the permeable ones that do not prevent water leakage to him.

Play and Learn Science features

  1. Play and Learn Science is a free app that introduces science to children in a playful and entertaining way.
  2. It uses clear graphics and rich colors to illustrate scientific concepts such as physical properties, weather, and animal habitats.
  3. The app features three friendly characters that guide children through experiments and play activities.
  4. Children can learn about the environment, objects, and animals around them, as well as the impact of weather on their lives and clothing choices.
  5. The app includes interactive activities that demonstrate the reactions of different objects to heat and cold, and to various surfaces.
  6. Parents can benefit from tips on how to explain scientific ideas in the app to children of different ages.

You can get the free Play and Learn Science from Downzen by clicking the download button on the page.

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