Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Escape from the mysterious temple

Imangi Studios

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Temple Run 2 is one of the coolest escape and adventure games for Android. This is the second version of the game and has been admired by millions around the world.

Le positif
Interesting adventure game.
Graphics are dazzling and easy to control.
The game does not need to be connected to the Internet.
Le négatif
The game objectives and challenges aren't fun enough and after some time it gets repeated and boring.
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Ayad Alqatrany
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Temple Run 2 is a thrilling and challenging endless running game, one of the most popular games among Android fans around the world. The number of downloads of the previous version of the game has reached over 100 million downloads. Downloads of the second version ( Temple Run 2 ) the first day after of its release reached  to nearly 6 million downloads.

The idea of ​​the game is about a person ( Guy Dangerous as the default character ) trying to escape a monster ( a giant monkey called Cuchanck ) that begins to chase the character right after leaving some temple, the character begins to face difficulties and obstacles while trying to escape the grip of the beast.

The game control is easy, the character will keep in running while the player swipe left or right to move the character to the sides, swipe up to jump or swipe down to slide to maneuver around the many obstacles ahead.

Temple Run 2 has many features that make this game one of the coolest, most entertaining and exciting games. The game is very similar to the famous Subway Surfers game, but there are some differences between the two games and each game has its own style.

Features of Temple Run 2 Game for Android:

  • An exciting escape game, full of challenge and fun.
  • The game has many stages and each stage is more difficult than the previous stage.
  • The game has many characters to choose from.
  • The game contains many powerups for each of the avalible characters.
  • The game contains a computer version along with the Android version.
  • The design of the game is very impressive and clear.
  • The game has great music while playing.
  • The game is easy to use.

Temple Run 2 is a game of escape from the temple. It is considered one of the few games that have received a wide form of fame and spread, and to download Temple Run 2 and install it on your Android device all you have to do is to click the download icon on the page of our site Downzen .

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