The Trail

The Trail

Begin your journey, build your own world!


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The Trail is not just a game it is a relaxing journey to a world designed near perfection. The unique concept of the game made it famous worldwide!

Le positif
New concept.
The game has awesome visual and sound effects.
Le négatif
The game is a little repetitive.
There are no frequent updates.
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Ammar Kurd
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The Big Picture of The Trail

Your character in the game is that of an explorer in a country unknown to him (Eden Falls), you start with nothing but your big dreams, you have to discover, craft, collect, trade and join a community to make your fortune in the new world. Just like any pioneer you learn as you go.

The Trail Game control

The character is always moving forward, you can control the speed of the movement by sliding up. Along the way you will find collectible items, tap on them to collect in your inventory, use them to get currency or craft equipment. It is also important to keep your stamina-meter high otherwise your character will faint. The game has many checkpoints where you can meet other explores, trade with them and recharge your stamina.

Visual and Sound Effects

The game has some beautiful scenery all around your journey in the new world, from beautiful frosts to snowy hills to that far away lake, maybe the game is just a reminder that life is just a journey so slow down and enjoy the view.

We think that this powerful message is achieved by the well-played balance between the visual and sound effects of the game which give away a relaxing vibe.

The latest version The Trail10111 of the game is available for download in just click on the download icon on this page.

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