TLS Tunnel - VPN

TLS Tunnel - VPN

Bypass the internet ban easily


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TLS Tunnel - Unlimited VPN provides maximum security when browsing the Internet, hides your identity and current location from others, bypasses all firewalls that block websites, and lets you experience the Internet without restrictions.

Le positif
Ability to select the server location manually.
Control which apps use the VPN.
Free, unlimited, and no registration is required.
Le négatif
Lots of annoying ads.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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VPN apps

VPN apps help you bypass Internet bans imposed by companies and governments, such as blocking some games or blocking some sites, and services that offer their services in a specific geographical area, and the easiest way to bypass this ban is to use a VPN. 

How TLS VPN works

When using the app, the Internet ban will be easily bypassed, by creating a secured connection between your device and one of the service servers, and then encrypting the browsing data to make it difficult to identify and block.

The benefits of VPN service 

VPN services have many diverse uses, the most important and most used is bypassing the ban imposed on the Internet, in addition to protecting the identity and location of the user by hiding it from others, and browsing all blocked services and sites, in addition to many other uses.

Free but with ads  

TLS Tunnel - Unlimited VPN is free and does not require any registration or payments, however, it displays a lot of annoying ads, which negatively affect the user's experience. 

Customize the connection to the server 

The process of connecting to the server is of great importance in the app, there are many servers in several places around the world, ready to provide VPN services at any time, and a large number of servers helps reduce the pressure on the service. 

Selecting the right server manually 

The user can view a list of available servers, the number of users connected to each server, and the country in which they are located, and this gives users many options to connect to the service.

Control phone apps connection to VPN

All apps in the phone use the VPN server when connected to the Internet, so the app allows you to control which other apps are allowed to use the server, you can also exclude some apps that will work normally without a VPN. 

Security and privacy

All connections that you make through the app are protected, the level of security is raised by encrypting the data and preventing others from tracking your activities, and this guarantees the user complete privacy when browsing the Internet.

Features of TLS Tunnel - Unlimited VPN 

  • Bypasses internet bans imposed by internet providers.
  • Hides the user's identity and current location on the Internet.
  • Completely free and unlimited with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Protects user data and prevents tracking of its activities.
  • Many available servers in many parts of the world.
  • Select which apps can use the connection to the server.

You can download the app to bypass the Internet ban and open blocked sites and services TLS Tunnel - Unlimited VPN 5.1.1 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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