Yalla - Group Voice Chat Rooms

Yalla - Group Voice Chat Rooms

Get to know new friends from voice chat rooms

Yalla Technology FZ-LLC

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Yalla - Free Voice Chat Rooms app to make new friends online through voice rooms, browse chat rooms by different countries, participate in various activities, make new friendships and exchange text chat with them.

Le positif
Sorting voice rooms by Arab countries.
Numerous and diverse activities in voice rooms.
Following daily topics and moments and interacting with them.
Le négatif
It may consume a significant amount of battery and mobile data.
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Mohammed Samir
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Voice Chat Rooms and Making Friends

Making new friends online can be an enjoyable experience as it provides you with an opportunity to meet people from diverse cultures and locations around the world. Chat rooms are one way to connect with new people, where large numbers of members can gather in one place.

These chat rooms offer a range of activities and voice chat exchanges, and are managed by moderators who oversee events and ensure that members behave appropriately.

Browsing Chat Rooms by Country

Chat rooms are organized neatly in the interface and can be browsed by country, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and more. In each country, you'll find numerous rooms with different names and images.

Popular rooms are also showcased, and you can explore all popular and new rooms. Before entering a room, you can see the number of members inside, and each room has a distinct image that sets it apart from others.

Joining Chat Rooms and Participating

Click on any room to enter and start socializing. Inside the room, anyone can initiate text chats with others, and room managers can enable voice chats for some members. You can also share images and music with everyone. Additionally, you can view all members in the room and send gifts to them. You can minimize the chat room and browse other rooms while still hearing the voice chat.

Following Moments and Diverse Topics

There is a dedicated section in the app for viewing important moments. These moments consist of various topics and posts. Initially, you can browse suggested topics and follow them.

Later, posts will be displayed based on the topics you've chosen. You can also discover suggested topics from the app, which are the best posts shared during the week. You can create a new topic, add images and text to it, and engage with others in discussions.

Features of the Yalla - Free Voice Chat Rooms App

  • Easily make new friends through voice chat rooms.
  • A vast number of constantly refreshed chat rooms.
  • Browse chat rooms by Arab countries.
  • Access popular and new rooms.
  • Participate in various activities in chat rooms.
  • Text or voice chat in chat rooms.
  • Follow diverse moments from users.

You can download the latest version of the Yalla - Free Voice Chat Rooms app for making new friends through voice chat rooms for free from the Downzen website by clicking the download button on the page.

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