Alcohol 120%

Alcohol 120%

Dealing with CDs with all options

Alcohol Soft.

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Alcohol 120% to efficiently burn your important data to CDs or convert your data to a CD image file for safe data storage.

Le positif
Create multiple virtual drives easily.
Burn data to discs with multiple options.
Convert your CD to a disk image.
Le négatif
Works for a trial period of 15 days only.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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CD burning software

CDs and DVDs are considered as means of saving data, even with the spread of newer data saving methods, they are still used, and to deal with them, you will definitely need a program for burning data on CDs.

How the program works

This program is a great tool for dealing with CDs, such as burning data to CDs, saving them as CD images, etc. It also creates many virtual drives on the computer.

Installing the software on Windows

Alcohol 120% works on all versions of Windows (Vista/7/8/10/11), download the program file, and start the installation process, a simple process that only takes a few steps. 

A nice user interface

The program has a beautiful and easy-to-use user interface, the basic tools of the program appear in a sidebar so that they are easy to access, and a separate window appears to use any of the tools, showing all the available options.

The trial period

This version of the program is trial for all new users, and it works for only 15 days, and then you will be asked to purchase the full version.

During the trial period, you can take advantage of all the capabilities of the program in dealing with CDs.

Handling CDs

With Alcohol 120% dealing with CDs is even easier, it provides everything you need to transfer files to and from CDs, as well as many great options that are frequently used.

CD Image Creation Wizard

Quick tool to convert any CD to ISO or MDS image, this tool helps to keep the CD's data in your computer, so you can convert it to CD again at any time.

Disc Image Burning Wizard

A great tool to convert any disk image of all formats to a real CD, all you have to do is choose the disk image file, the method of burning data to the CD, the number of copies, and other useful options.

Create a copy of the CD

A tool for creating more copies of a CD, by placing the CD in the drive and creating a copy of it, and then burning it back to a blank CD, with the ability to create more than one copy in succession.

Additional wizard

A very useful tool for burning various data on a CD, folders, and files are added and grouped before burning, with an indication of the allowed storage space according to the type of optical disk, whether CD or DVD and others.

Virtual drives and how they work

Alcohol 120% supports creating virtual drives, to read ISO and other disc image data, without the need to open the compressed CD image file.

Adding virtual drives:

The user can add a maximum of 6 virtual drives if needed, and virtual drives are used to read disk image files in all their formats, in addition to many other useful uses.

Browse disc image files

It is possible to put a CD image file in the virtual drive so that you can then access and browse the data easily. If you have more than one virtual drive, you can view more than one disk image file.

Alcohol 120% features

  • A great program to deal with CDs with high efficiency.
  • Create virtual drives to view disc image files.
  • Burn disc images from and to CDs easily.
  • Convert your CD to a disc image in a variety of formats.
  • Create multiple copies of the CD via the drive.
  • Wizard for burning folders and files to CD.

You can download the CD burning program and deal with CDs with many options Alcohol 120% in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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