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Depeche View Lite

Quick search in a wide range of text files

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Depeche View is a tool to search in a large number of documents at the same time, select text files or entire folders, and easily find the words you want to extract in many ways.

Le positif
Several methods for searching documents and text files.
Opening files in more than one window.
Highlights important words to distinguish them with colors.
Le négatif
When selecting words, some letters sometimes disappear.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Searching for texts in documents and files

When you have a large number of documents, searching for words in those files is like looking for a needle in a haystack, so Depeche View is designed to help you find what you need with great ease.

How the program works

The program deals with text files specifically, and can search for words in a large group of files, and then display the search results in wonderful ways that make it easy to browse.

Installing the program on Windows

The size of Depeche View for PC is very small, it does not need to be installed on Windows, and it works directly as soon as it is opened with a simple and easy-to-handle user interface.

File formats supported by the program

The program can search for words in many types of files, such as txt, docx, xlsx, pptx, xml, csv, etc. This means that whatever type of documents you have, the program will search them all at the same time to find what you want.

Add multiple files to the program

As we mentioned, the program can deal with all text files, and it has the ability to open around 100 files at the same time, or a maximum of 30 megabytes of text files, which are limits that can be bypassed by purchasing the professional version of the program.

Open multiple documents

The program supports opening documents in several ways, whether by selecting specific folders or by selecting a folder and opening all the files inside it.

It is also possible to open new files and cancel previous files or append new files with previous files.

Multiple windows

To assist in reading texts in multiple files, text files can be opened in multiple windows, and this makes it easier for the user to perform more than one search on the same files.

Search for words in text files

The process of searching for words is very smooth and fast through the program, no matter how many files you open, the required words are found very quickly, and the search results are displayed in different and arranged ways.

Search methods in multiple files

The program can perform the search process in different ways and methods, and this gives the user many options to find the words they want, such as:

  • Click on the word with the left-click and choose the search icon to display the matching words.
  • Right-click on the word to display all search results in a new window.
  • Open the search window by pressing Crtl+F and typing the words you want to search.

Features of Depeche View

  • Great program for searching a large number of text files.
  • Free and small in size and does not require installation on the system.
  • Select text files to open or choose an entire folder.
  • Supports handling around 100 different text files at the same time.
  • Opens all kinds of text files, Office documents, etc.
  • Provides more than one way to search for words in files.
  • Great speed in displaying search results in real time.
  • Opens files in more than one window and performs more than one search.
  • Highlights some of the selected words in the document with beautiful colors.

You can download the program to search for words in a large group of text files very quickly, Depeche View in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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