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ExplorerMax changes the look of Windows Explorer and manages folders in a better way, opens several folders at the same time in tabs, and takes advantage of many features such as dual window, history, and others.

Le positif
Supports multi-tab.
Sorts search results by file type.
Integrates with Windows Explorer without problems.
Le négatif
Multi-tab does not support drag and drop.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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New Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is one of the default programs on Windows that everyone uses, and with the development of the operating system, Windows Explorer is continuously improving.

However, there are alternatives that can be used to manage folders and files on the computer. One of them is ExplorerMax, which offers you features that are not available in the default Windows Explorer.

How the program works

The program provides users with a new experience for managing folders and files, by replacing the default Windows Explorer with ExplorerMax, while providing greater features such as tabs, dual windows, and more.

Install on Windows PC

ExplorerMax works on all versions of Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11), and it can be installed on the system with very simple steps, and once the installation is completed, the program will automatically work as an alternative to the default Windows Explorer.

Take advantage of the trial period

ExplorerMax can be used during the trial period, in which you can learn about the features that it offers. After the trial period, you will have to purchase a registration key to activate the program and keep using it. 

A no interface program

The program does not have a standalone interface, but rather it integrates with the default Windows Explorer by adding new features on the top of its window.

A tab bar containing all the features and properties of the program is added to the Windows Explorer window, so the same default Windows Explorer interface will be used, with some additions of ExplorerMax on top of it. 

Browse folders in tabs

Perhaps the most important feature of the program is the multiple tabs, which allow opening more than one folder at the same time and switching between them more easily and quickly, and this greatly helps in improving the management of folders in the computer.

The idea and design of the tabs

Instead of using a different window for each folder you open, you can combine all the folders into one multi-tab window, similar to how modern web browsers deal with the various tabs of websites.

Using multiple tabs

To open a new tab, just click on the "+" sign-in on the top bar, or you can click on a specific folder and choose "Open in a new window" to move it to a new tab, and then you can manage the tabs by arranging them or dragging them to a new window and others. 

Quick search and browsing tools

ExplorerMax offers many great tools to make managing folders easier, all of these tools help in optimizing the explorer's performance for the best experience, and now we will learn more about the best tools out there. 

Open dual window

A great way to open two folders in the same tab so that the screen is divided into two parts, each containing different content, and files can be easily moved between the two open folders.


The timeline displays the folders and files you've used before and is a log of everything you use on your computer, making it easy to quickly access and open recent files.

Quick search feature

A great way to search for files and folders very quickly, locate the search to storage partitions or the current folder and sort search results by type, to make it easier to find what you need.

Features of ExplorerMax

  • A great alternative to Windows Explorer with better features.
  • Manages files and folders in a new and more efficient way.
  • Opens more than one folder at the same time in several tabs.
  • Dual window feature to open two folders in the same tab.
  • Quick and smart search for files with sorting the search results.
  • Timeline to display recent files and folders.

You can download the alternative program to Windows Explorer to manage files and folders in a better way on your computer, ExplorerMax in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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    Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 / 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista