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Defragment data and speed up performance


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IObit Smart Defrag defragments your PC's disk partitions, rearranges file locations, removes the separations between them, and makes your PC faster than ever with the smart defragmentation operation.

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Disk defragmentation with many options.
Tests the disk health and overall performance speeds.
Accelerates games and OS boot time.
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Promotes the installation of several other programs when it is installed.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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The defragmentation process

When you create new data on your computer, it appears to be arranged in folders, but in reality, inside your disk, the files may not be next to each other.

The file itself may be divided into several parts or fragments on the disk, where there are many spaces between the data, which results from deleting or moving files.

These spaces cause many performance problems, the most of which is the low performance of the computer.

The benefits of doing a disk defragmentation

The defragmentation process rearranges the divided files in one place, and this helps increase the reading and handling of files, and thus a faster overall performance of the computer.

The defragmentation process can be applied to internal and external disks. Although Windows includes a built-in tool for defragmenting disk partitions, IObit Smart Defrag helps to perform the process in an easier way and with a better user interface.

View and set up disk partitions

The program interface displays all storage and disk partitions on the computer, whether internal or external, and also USB drives.

The total size of the partitions and the free space are also indicated, with the partition type displayed whether an SSD or a regular type.

You can select one or more partitions to defragment at the same time, you can also change the way regular disk partitions are treated as SSDs or vice versa.

Defragmentation with many options

After selecting the partitions which you want to defragment, the process can be started after setting many options, namely fast defragmentation, defragmentation and optimization, large files defragmentation, defragmentation of free storage spaces on the disk, slow defragmentation with prioritization of files.

It is also possible to perform a disk-only analysis to check the status of file distribution, and system programs.

Disk health and performance test

Besides defragmenting computer data and speeding up performance, IObit Smart Defrag can test the health of disk partitions.

Next to the partition letter, there is an icon that allows you to run a quick test, in this test, the temperature of the disk is checked, and the reading and writing speeds of the disk are tested.

It also displays a detailed report on many disk performance factors.

Improve gaming performance by disk defragmentation

If you are facing games that are running slow and taking a long time to open, you can try IObit Smart Defrag to help you solve the problem.

The program has a section for accelerating games installed on your PC. Add the games whose performance you want to speed up to the program, and then press the Optimize button to defragment the game files.

Speed up system boot time

With the use of the computer for long periods of time, problems may arrise, including slow system booting and taking more time than usual.

The program helps you greatly speed up the process of booting the system, by defragmenting the boot system files, which are difficult to transfer while the operating system is running, defragmenting these files speeds up their handling by the system and speeds up the computer boot.

The professional version of IObit Smart Defrag

IObit Smart Defrag is free and anyone can benefit from its premium services, however, you can purchase the professional version of the program, in order to get more great additions to the performance of the program such as:

  • Increase program performance by 200% to get tasks done faster.
  • More efficient and automatically defragment selected disks and files.
  • Automatic program update to get the new features as they are released.
  • Deeper and more stable defragmentation of system and boot files.

Features of IObit Smart Defrag

  • Defragments disk partitions in an easy way for everyone.
  • Optimizes disk performance and speeds up the operating system in general.
  • Performs the defragmentation process with many different options.
  • Checks disk health and test its overall performance and speeds.
  • Accelerates the boot of the operating system by defragmenting system files.
  • Accelerates the performance of games on the PC.

You can download the latest version of IObit Smart Defrag from Downzen for free by clicking the download button on the page.

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