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Guido Vollbeding

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jpegcrop to crop photos in a simple way, add photos and select the part you want and save it as a separate photo, open as many photos at the same time to crop.

Le positif
The program is small in size, free and easy to use.
Batch processing, dealing with more than one photo at the same time.
Select the exact part of the photo using the grid.
Le négatif
Does not support cropping photos in non-rectangular shapes.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Crop photos easily

Many users need to crop a part of the photo, and this can be done by many programs on Windows, or you can rely on jpegcrop to help you crop photos in an efficient and simple way.

How the program works

The program focuses on simplifying photo cropping, by providing tools that help you choose the correct size, preview the photo before cropping and several other options, and this makes cropping photos easier.

Installing the program on Windows

The program does not need to be installed on Windows, as it is available in a zip file format when downloaded from Downzen, and you only need to open the file using dedicated programs such as WinRAR or 7zip and others.

Add multiple images to the program

jpegcrop has a simple and easy-to-use user interface, you can get familiar with it quickly, and add and crop photos easily.

The program supports batch cropping by working with more than one photo at the same time, to make the process faster and simpler.

A simple and nice user interface

The interface consists of a top bar that includes all tools related to cropping photos, while the rest of the interface is dedicated to displaying photos and selecting the part you want to crop, with support for displaying and hiding some parts of the interface.

Open multiple photos at the same time - batch cropping

The jpegcrop program supports dealing with more than one photo at the same time. You can open one photo after another to appear in a mini window inside the program, with the ability to enlarge the photos to appear in full-screen mode and control the zoom-in and zoom-out of the photo.

Sort multiple photos in the interface:

The program helps you sort and arrange the photos you have added, such as dividing all photos to appear in the interface, or placing them in windows arranged on top of each other.

The tabs bar can be shown to facilitate navigation between photos in full screen mode.

Selection methods on the photo

Cropping photos means selecting only part of them, and this process is done more accurately through the program, as it provides a set of selection tools to facilitate the process, and get the best possible result for cropping photos.

Draw and resize the borders

The desired part is selected using the mouse pointer, and after drawing the selection area, the cropping area can be changed manually, or moved while keeping its dimensions, in addition to the ability to hide the part outside the selection to preview the photo after cropping.

Show selection grid

To select the desired part with great accuracy, a selection grid can be used, and the photo will be divided into a grid consisting of small squares, in order to facilitate the selection of the desired part by placing the selection on the grid.

jpegcrop features

  • A small and free program for cropping photos on the computer.
  • A simple interface that anyone can handle.
  • Open multiple photos in the program at the same time.
  • Sort and arrange the photos in the interface in an orderly manner.
  • Select the desired part with manual border adjustment.
  • Use the grid to help the accuracy of the selection.
  • Save the selected part in the photo easily.

You can download the simple and effective photo crop program, jpegcrop 2022 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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