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KeePass manages and stores all your passwords in a secure and encrypted place. Protect your passwords for important services and websites, sort them by type, and copy passwords to the clipboard for use.

Le positif
Supports creating more than one different database.
Organizes saved accounts into groups.
The database can be transferred from one device to another.
Generates strong and random passwords.
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The database is not saved in the cloud.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Protect passwords with KeePass

Passwords are one of the basic things in digital life; everyone needs different passwords for emails, websites, services, and many more, with a need to remember the password for each account separately.

Remember passwords

Many users resort to using the same password for all accounts to make it easier to remember, and this may pose a great risk to their private data because if anyone gets their password, they will have access to all their accounts.

How KeePass works

The program helps all users to save their passwords in a safe place, and the passwords are protected with the master password which is used to protect all passwords, so you will only have to remember the master password, and the program is completely free and open-source software as well.

Install the program on Windows

KeePass for PC is small in size, and it can be installed on Windows with simple steps, with the ability to modify some options such as creating a shortcut or choosing the type of installation.

Dealing with databases of passwords

Your password data is saved in an encrypted and secure database, which is created and saved as a local file on your computer and is not shared over the Internet, so to access your data you must use the same device on which you created the database.

Create a new database

First, you must create a new database, you will enter the master password in the program (choose it carefully) and choose a name and description for the database.

Create the master password

The master password is the most important thing in the program, every time you open the program you will be required to enter the master password to access the contents of the database, so you must always remember it.

Multiple databases

The program supports the ability to create more than one database so that each database includes completely different contents and protects each database with a different master password.

Printing the database

The program provides a printing service for all the contents of the database, and this includes all the passwords that have been added, with the ability to control what is printed before printing. 

Sort the group of passwords

Usually, each user has a lot of passwords, so KeePass offers you the ability to arrange passwords in groups so that they can be viewed and accessed easily.

Password groups

By default, there are ready-made groups in the program, such as the Internet, Windows, e-mail, etc., and more new groups can be added as needed.

Manage password groups

The user can manage groups with great options, such as choosing a distinct icon for the group to distinguish it from others or re-arranging groups in the list according to importance.

Add password data

After setting up the program, you can start adding passwords, and you can add data directly in the appropriate groups for it while providing many options when adding data.

Add new accounts

When adding a new account, there are several data that can be added, such as the address, username, and password, in addition to options to distinguish the account from others, such as the icon and color.

Generate a random password

When creating the account, enter a strong password, the passwords you enter are tested for strength, or you can create a random password and choose the strength of the password as you desire.

KeePass features

  • Free and open-source software to keep passwords in a safe place.
  • Small in size and easy to install on Windows.
  • Supports the creation of several databases with different contents.
  • The database file can be copied from one device to another easily.
  • All database contents are protected by strong encryption.
  • Arrange and organize accounts into multiple groups.
  • Provides many options when adding passwords.
  • Ability to generate a random password and control its strength.
  • Print or export all database contents.

You can download the latest version of KeePass 2.51.1 from Downzen for free from the download section of the page.

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