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David De Groot

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PIXresizer is a program to resize images with very simple steps, choose a single image or bulk resize a large group of images with just one click, and control many resizing options as you wish.

Le positif
Resizes a large number of photos very quickly.
Many options related to photo editing.
The original photos are not modified.
Le négatif
The interface of the program is outdated and needs improvement.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Quick photo resizer

Although the size of the image file on the computer is usually not large, sometimes we may need to reduce it for several uses, such as images used on various websites, or to reduce the size of large images such as digital camera images, etc.

You can rely on PIXresizer software to perform the task of image resizing efficiently.

How the program works

The program has a basic task, which is to resize the images, whether converting one image or a very large number of images while allowing the customization with many options, which makes it easier for the user to carry out this process in the easiest way possible.

Install the program on Windows

The size of PIXresizer is very small, it can be downloaded and installed on Windows with very simple steps, and it works on all versions of Windows without any problems.

The program's user interface

The program has a very simple interface and is easy to deal with.

It has a window that contains many options related to resizing images, and these options are arranged in several tabs according to the function.

Control the options to resize the images

PIXresizer provides a number of great options for customizing image resizing, and this gives the user the ability to control the image resizing process, to get the best possible result as needed, and the image resizing options vary when choosing a single image or group of images.

Save the original images

The program does not affect the original images at all, and it resizes the images and saves the resized images copies in a new folder, so you do not have to worry about your original images, they will not be modified and they will always remain the same.

Options to resize a group of images

There are more options when converting a large group of images, which are:

  • Select the original images folder and the save folder.
  • Select the new size by determining the size of the image dimensions.
  • Convert image format after resizing such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, and others.

Pixresizer features

  • A fast and simple program to resize images on a PC.
  • A free and lite program with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Supports resizing one image or a Bulk resizing of a large number of images.
  • Keeps the original images without modifying them.
  • Ability to convert the new image format after resizing it.
  • Select the size of the images with several options.

You can download the program to bulk resize a large number of images with one click and with great ease, PIXresizer 2.0.8 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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