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Subtitle movies with great capabilities

Nikolaj Lynge Olsson

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Subtitle Edit to translate movies and series with great ease, add subtitles on videos manually, or edit ready-made subtitles with many options, and use wonderful tools to deal with subtitles in high efficiency.

Le positif
Modifies the interface arrangement.
Syncs subtitles automatically.
Modifies the format and colors of the subtitles.
Converts translation text to another language easily.
Le négatif
Difficulty in transitioning between parts of the video.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Movies and TV series subtitle software

This program is for all movie and series lovers who want to enter the world of translation. It allows you to translate any video with very great capabilities and provides wonderful and effective tools to have the best environment to work on subtitles.

How the program works

The program provides a suitable environment for translating movies and series. It makes it easy for users to synchronize between text and audio in the video, by providing simple and easy-to-use tools related to subtitles. It is also an open-source program.

A wonderful interface

One of the fantastic features of the program is that the interface adapts to the user’s need, the interface can be changed to suit what you want to do in the translation, such as showing or hiding the video and sound wave bar, or just text translation.

Start translating from scratch

One of the program's main features is subtitling the videos from the beginning, and the most important element of this feature is synchronizing the subtitles with the audio on the video. You need to try the program for a short time before you can master it.

Sync the subtitles

To facilitate the creation of subtitles, the time of the appearance of the text on the video is chosen automatically, which is proportional to the length of the text that appears on the screen, and it will not take long to synchronize the texts with the audio on the video.

Recognize the sound wave bar

The sound wave bar helps you know where words are pronounced, and it can be used to make some adjustments to the subtitles, such as increasing its appearance time or modifying appearance time slightly, and more.

Editing ready-made translation files

If you do not have enough time to translate videos, you can easily import ready-made subtitles for the video and edit them.

The program supports all subtitles file formats with support for encoding many languages, including Arabic as well.

Edit subtitle sync with the video

Sometimes there is a problem with the synchronization of the subtitles so that the texts appear before or after their correct time, and it is easy to modify all the texts in the translation to the correct time.

Visual Sync

A correct and direct way to adjust the correct subtitle time is by linking one of the scenes in the video with the subtitle text, and all other texts will be automatically synchronized with the other scenes.

Options for editing subtitles

There are many options to edit and deal with subtitles, this gives the user the ability to control everything in the translation, to get a suitable and customized result, and these options are:

  • Adjust the start and end time of the subtitles or the period when the subtitles appear.
  • Change the subtitles and add some formatting and colors.
  • Translate into another language via a dedicated tool.
  • Replay the audio more than once to check the subtitles.
  • Choose the location of the subtitles on the screen.
  • Split long subtitles of two lines into two parts.
  • Add notes and comments to some subtitles.

Features of Subtitle Edit

  • A wonderful program to translate videos easily.
  • Completely free, open source, and easy to use.
  • Supports encoding of all languages on the computer.
  • An interface that can be modified to match your style.
  • Translate videos from scratch and synchronize them with the video.
  • Supports editing ready-made subtitles with many options.
  • Manually adjust the synchronization of the entire subtitles.
  • Visual synchronization feature to link the scene with the subtitles.

You can download the program for subtitling movies and series with a set of great tools Subtitle Edit 3.6.8 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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