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Free 1 TB cloud storage

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TeraBox is a cloud storage service offering 1 TB of storage space in the free plan. You can upload photos, videos, and files of all kinds, arrange them in folders, and share files with others very easily.

Le positif
Easily upload files from the floating window.
Automatic synchronization of folders to cloud storage.
View files with many great options.
Le négatif
Lots of limitations on the service's free plan.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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TeraBox cloud storage service

Cloud storage services have become a necessity in the Internet world, and with TeraBox cloud storage service, you will have a unique experience, and get a large storage space of about 1 TB for free.

Get 1 TB of cloud storage for free

Any user who registers to the service will directly get 1 terabyte of storage space for free, and you can easily register to the service in several ways, such as through your Gmail account, Facebook account, or through your phone number.

Install the program on Windows

TeraBox for PC can be installed in simple steps, all you have to do is open the installation file and follow the easy steps, then you will find a shortcut to the program on your desktop. 

The service is available on various platforms

TeraBox cloud storage service works on many platforms and operating systems, and your files can be accessed from your different devices, TeraBox app for Android or iPhone, in addition to TeraBox software for Windows devices.

Upload files to cloud storage

After you get your storage space, upload your photos, videos, and the rest of the files to cloud storage, and there are many ways to upload several files at the same time. 

Upload files from the program's interface

From the program interface, you can use the dedicated button to upload files, or you can drag files from folders to the program interface directly, an entire folder with all its contents can also be uploaded to cloud storage.

Use the floating window to upload files

After installing the program, you will notice a small floating window, which appears permanently on all other windows, a great feature that makes it easy for you to upload files from anywhere and at any time, just drag files or folders to the floating window to start the upload process.

Auto folder upload (Auto-sync)

The program supports a great feature to automatically upload files, by choosing one of the folders to automatically upload files inside, and any change you make in the folder will be automatically synced to the cloud without your intervention.

Options for file viewing and management 

After adding many files to the cloud storage, it is preferable to arrange and organize the files for easy access.

The program also provides methods for browsing files in a faster and easier way.

Sort files into multiple folders

Files are organized by creating folders and adding files to these folders to arrange them and access them faster.

You can create shortcuts to your favorite folders in the Shortcuts section.

Sort and filter files and folders

Some folders may contain different types of files, so the program makes it easy for you to filter the list of files and display only a specific type of file, in addition to re-sorting the list of files by name, size, or date modified.

Share files online

Any file or folder on the Terra Box cloud storage can be shared easily, the user can make the files accessible to anyone they want, by sharing a link with them so that they can use the files.

Free and paid registration

Any user gets a lot of storage space (1 TB) once signed up, however, there are some restrictions in the free registration, and all limitations can be eliminated via the paid registration.

We will compare some of the features in both the paid and the free plans: 

FeaturesFree planPaid plan
Storage space1 TB2 TB
Max number of files500 file50000 file
Highest video quality720p1080p
Maximum file size upload 4 GB20 GB

As for the paid subscription, there are several options, you can subscribe for a month, a period of three months, or for a whole year, and the prices are excellent compared to the storage capacity that you will get.

TeraBox Features

  • Get 1TB of free storage space once you sign up.
  • Install the program on Windows with simple steps.
  • Upload files easily by dragging them to the program interface.
  • Floating-window feature to upload files in a faster way.
  • Supports automatic synchronization of the contents of a specific folder.
  • Easily manage and organize files in cloud storage.
  • Filter files by type for easy viewing.
  • Share any file or folder with others over the Internet.

You can download the latest version of TeraBox cloud storage management software and get your 1 TB of free space, download the program from Downzen for free from the download section on the page. 

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