AirAttack 2 WW2 Airplanes Shooter

AirAttack 2 WW2 Airplanes Shooter

3D top down air combat shooter

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AirAttack 2 - WW2 Airplanes Shooter is a 3D top-down air combat shooter with awesome graphics and gameplay. Play in the WW2 style and takedown jet fighters, battleships, ground units and many more.

The good
Amazing 3D graphics.
Different modes.
Different gameplay methods.
Ability to buy or upgrade jets.
Ability to play offline.
The bad
The number of levels is small.
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Ammar Kurd
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You can control the jet using different methods,

  • The default method is to tap the screen and swipe left and right
  • Direct the jet by touching the screen.
  • Drag without pressing the screen.
  • Tilt the screen.

The jet shoots automatically, so you do not have to worry about it.

At the top of the screen, you can see the health of your jet. At the bottom of the screen, you have the tools you equipped your jet before the fight, you can use them by touching them.

Levels of the game

There are 22 different levels full of enthusiasm and challenges, at each level, there will be different battles and you will have a goal to achieve, like several jets to destroy or collect a certain number of stars. If you reach your target, you will get a perfect score. The difficulty of winning challenges increases as you progress through the levels.

Upgrade your jet fighter

Before you fight, you can prepare by upgrading your jet or buying a new one. You will use the silver coins collected during the battles, but better jets will cost you more, so collect as much money as you can.

You can upgrade your jet’s such as the machine gun and the bombs. There are also many tools, such as a better machine gun, flamethrower or self-guided missile.

Survival mode

This mode is a separate mode in which you play an endless game against jets and battleships. In this mode, you do not have a specific target. This mode is designed to determine how long you can survive.

Daily challenges

Besides the levels and the survival mode, there are daily challenges, from the main window you can check what is the challenge of the day and how much time is left for the challenge. If you complete the challenge you will get many prizes plus you can share your rank with friends.

Game settings

From the settings, you can adjust the gameplay to suit your needs,

  • The location of tools on the screen.
  • The method of controlling the jet.
  • The resolution.
  • Music and sound effects.
  • Playing in a vertical or horizontal fashion.

AirAttack 2 - WW2 Airplanes Shooter features

  • Awesome graphics.
  • Different playing modes.
  • Daily challenges.
  • Ability to upgrade and buy jets.
  • Ability to buy tools.
  • Different ways to control the jet.
  • Ability to change the game resolution.
  • Ability to play with a joystick or mouse and keyboard.

Download AirAttack 2 - WW2 Airplanes Shooter 1.4.2 for free in Downzen with a direct and fast link, just click the download button on this page.

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