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When you visit DownZen, the site saves a cookie or cookie in the internet browser that you use on your device or laptop, and a cookie is a file that contains metadata to distinguish you from others, for one of the following purposes:

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At, we only collect any information about you (such as your name, e-mail address, etc.) except when you and you are informed of this information. The information that records and saves information such as the time you browse it, the type of browser, and its IP address, and you use this information to verify our records. Are better services for site users, for example, we may use your IP address to show you an interface The site is in your local language or to display ads directed to your country. content contains links to other Internet sites, and is also linked to's sources and book. Likewise, links to or from are a method towards other websites under the supervision of third parties, and are not considered endorsed by, any of its affiliates or subsidiaries, or any third party from its sources or any of its contents. does not represent or endorse the validity or legitimacy of any advice, opinion, report, or any information presented or published through through its authors. Accordingly, you acknowledge that you bear full responsibility in the event of relying on such advice, report, reminder or this information. reserves the right, with all reservations, to correct any error or omit any part of DownZen. We may take some information from reliable sources and mention the source so that you can know the source. The information quoted from other sites will be notified to you below the description. You have the option to visit frequently to receive and know the most important and latest programs and games for Windows. We open the way for visitors to to publish programs, applications and games in any way through the site, provided that it is free or pirated.

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Visitors' comments are monitored, comments do not represent any of's policies, nor does our approval of comments by publication represent that we agree with its content, and management has the right not to agree to posting, amending, or deleting a comment in an appropriate manner without giving any reasons To the owner of the comment.

Copyright on administration is strict in terms of copying its contents toany other internet reality or personal or specialized blogs forever, the only transfer method that is allowed is the reference to write a brief summary of a topic and then put the original topic link to You have a visitor directed to him.

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