Gunship Strike 3D

Gunship Strike 3D

Fight in air and achieve victory

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Gunship Strike 3D is a great game to fight the toughest air battles, skillfully flight the helicopter in the air and destroy entire enemy fleets, upgrade the ability of the helicopter to last longer in battle, and buy more diverse helicopters.

The good
Amazing 3D graphics during battle.
Increasing the ability of helicopters by developing or purchasing them.
Diversity of the map in multiple stages.
The bad
There are few helicopters available.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Game map

The map varies continuously during the various stages in the game, and you will be in a battle against enemy forces that are divided into naval fleets, tanks, sniper towers, soldiers, and others.

Enemy troops are located in different areas within the scope of the battle. You have to fly the helicopter skillfully to destroy all the troops on the map while avoiding all the counterattacks.

Flying your helicopter 

To control the helicopter in the air, you will first have to choose the degree of your phone inclination in the horizontal position while playing. You can choose the degree of inclination of 30 degrees or 70 degrees according to the appropriate mode for you, then you can tilt the phone to the right or left to control the movement of the helicopter in the air.

The screen displays the flight and air battle control buttons. On the left side, there is the movement button, which makes the helicopter fly in all directions. On the right side, there are buttons to launch the machine gun and the missile launch button. The zoom bar appears for accurate shooting towards enemy forces.

Upgrade your helicopter and buy new helicopters

From the game store, you can review the existing helicopters, each helicopter has a different and distinctive shape from the others, and some helicopters contain a larger number of destructive weapons. You can buy any helicopter with the gold coins you collect during the game, and you can also develop the capabilities of your helicopter, such as increasing the endurance while receiving attacks, or developing the destructive power of weapons and others.

Game modes

You can start playing in the normal varied stages, and the stages are divided into several chapters, and in the stages, you will be facing large forces of enemies of various kinds, such as ships, tanks, combat planes, etc., and in each stage, the map and enemy forces will change.

You can also play in the boss fight mode, which is more difficult than the normal stages; you will face the bosses of enemy forces in different areas.

Daily quests and achievements

In the game, there are a set of quests that you have to clear in order to get a lot of rewards. There are daily quests and cumulative general quests, and the types of quests vary such as destroying a number of tanks or planes, completing all stages of a specific chapter, developing the weapons for a specified number of times, and many more. You will get a lot of rewards for completing daily quests or general quests.

Gunship Strike 3D Features

  • A thrilling and amazing helicopter game. 
  • Amazing 3D graphics.
  • You can choose your phone inclination degree to suit your style.
  • You can easily control your helicopter in battle.
  • Dozens of diverse stages are divided into chapters.
  • You can upgrade your helicopter and weapons.
  • Buy more helicopters with better weapons.
  • Many quests with a lot of rewards.

You can download this unique aircraft game full of battles and excitement Gunship Strike 3D 1.1.0 in the latest version from Downzen for free by clicking the download button on this page.

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