Knife Hit

Knife Hit

Throw knives like a boss


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Knife Hit is a knife-throwing Android game, throw knives at the wooden logs to break them, overcome challenges, collect knives and try to beat the time.

The good
A great time-kill game.
Different challenges are available.
Easy to play.
The bad
Too many ads.
The game is so repetitive and gets boring after some time.
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Ammar Kurd
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Your goal in the game is to break a rotating log (or other shapes) by hitting it with knives (tap on the screen to throw a knife), but you need to avoid hitting another knife and constantly hit the log as it rotates, if you hit a knife that you already throw on the log, you lose.

There will be at random levels an apple on the target, try to hit this apple, apples are the currency of this game by collecting apples you can buy new knives.

The game is based on beat the time concept, every time you start at the beginning then try to last as much as possible.

Every five stages there is a boss you have to beat if you beat the boss you unlock a new knife.


Instead of the regular mode of play, there are challenges that you can take, in this challenges the log rotation is not regular, this makes winning challenges a bit harder. Till today there are four challenges available

  1. MONSTERS challenge.
  2. PIRATES challenge.
  3. JUNGLE challenge.
  4. TREASURES challenge.

With the possibility to increase the challenges with upcoming updates.

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Knife Hit features

  • A great time-kill game.
  • Really fun and easy to play.
  • Different challenges are available.
  • Ability to collect new knives.

Download the latest version of Knife Hit 1.8.10 right here in Downzen, just click the download button above for a direct and fast download link.

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