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Souq is the Arabic word for market, hence the name, the e-commerce website was founded in 2005 then later sold to Amazon in March 2017. The website nowadays serves as a front for Amazon in the middle east.

The good
Cash on delivery. 
Large number of categories and subcategories.
Ranking and reviews system.
15 days return policy.
The bad
Does not ship to every country in the middle east.
Arranging search results based on the latest items is not available.
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Ammar Kurd
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Online shopping in the UAE and the Arab world

If you are wondering how to Shop online in the UAE then wonder no more, is the easiest and fastest way to shop online. You also can shop online in countries such as Bahrain, Qatar and Oman easily and securely using the same service. Shop today with cash on delivery option available for cities such as Dubai.

The site is very similar to Amazon, so you should not have any difficulties using the service.

The Souq categories has many categories so that users can reach their items with ease, the categories include Souq fashion, Supermarket, Amazon Global Store, Electronics, Mobiles & Tablets, Baby & Toys, Home & Kitchen, Perfumes & Beauty, Sports & Fitness, Brand Stores.

Every category has subcategories this makes finding things easier and more efficient. When you click on a category you can find the latest offers and deals in that category.

Deal of the day

On the home page of the site, there is a button for the best deals of the day where you can check for the latest offers and discounted items, this section of the site is really nice especially during the holidays.

It is possible to filter the results of the deals you want to be seen based on five options

  1. Shipping.
  2. Category.
  3. Brand.
  4. Condition.
  5. Price.

You can find these filters by checking the left side of the deal of the day section.

Lists and the shopping cart

You can create lists for products you are interested in or add them to your favorites by pressing the heart button. If you decided to finally purchase the products you can add them to the shopping cart and proceed to pay, in the shopping cart you can see the total price plus shipping costs.

Ranking and Reviews has a ranking and reviews system similar to that of Amazon, this helps users get an idea for the quality of the product by reading reviews from other previous customers.

Customer protection

The return policy of gives its customers 15 days to make a refund request, the policy states that a full refund (including shipping costs) is due to the customer for any of the following cases

  1. The item is damaged.
  2. The item is defective.
  3. The item is not as described on the website.
  4. The item is a counterfeit. features

  • The largest e-commerce site in the Arab world.
  • Well organized and categorized.
  • Deal of the day, with many offers and discounts.
  • Filter search results based on five options.
  • The ranking and reviews system is similar to Amazon.
  • Ability to create lists.
  • Cash on delivery option available.

Visit today to get the latest offers and deals. Just click the visit button above to be redirected via Downzen directly.

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