GandCrab v5.1 Decryptor

GandCrab v5.1 Decryptor

Free GandCrab ransomware decryptor

BitDefender, LLC

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BitDefender GandCrab v5.1 Decryptor is a free tool to decrypt files encrypted by the ransomware virus GandCrab, this tool works with virus versions 1, 4 and up to version 5.1. Download the free GandCrab decryptor by clicking the download button on this page.

The good
Completely free.
Easy to use.
Support for versions 1,4 and 5 up to 5.1.
The bad
Versions 2 and 3 of GandCrab are not supported.
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Ammar Kurd
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What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a harmful program that encrypts a victim's files and demands payment for the decryption key. Typically, the affected files include media like images and videos, documents, and database files. The ransom is paid in digital currency, such as BitCoin, to avoid tracing.

The virus typically spreads through email as a Trojan attached to a file. It can infect the victim's computer when the file is executed. However, there are exceptions. The well-known ransomware called WannaCry spreads through an exploit that doesn't require user intervention.

The GandCrab ransomware virus.

According to a statement from the BitDefender team, GrandCrab has caused damage amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. It appears that there are 5 versions of the virus currently in circulation, suggesting that an active team is behind it. The statement also warns that a new version of the virus may emerge soon following the release of this current version.

At the forefront of the battle against ransomware viruses, BitDefender continues to lead the charge, particularly against GandCrap. They were the first to release a decryptor for both versions 1.0 and 1.1 of GandCrap. This initial decryptor aided over 2,000 individuals, users, businesses, and non-profit organizations in restoring their files without paying a ransom.

During the same week, while the first decryptor was released, the criminals responsible for the GandCrab virus released a second version known as GandCrab 2.0. This initiated a continuous cycle of countermeasures between Bitdefender and GandCrab, with the latest version being 5.1 as of the time of writing.

According to BitDefender, around 20,000 individuals and groups were able to retrieve their files using the decryptor tool, resulting in a savings of $18 million that would have otherwise been paid as ransom.

Supported GandCrab versions

This tool is designed to decrypt files that have been encrypted with specific versions of GandCrab:

  1. GandCrab v1.x.x.
  2. GandCrab v4.x.x.
  3. GandCrab v5.x.x until v5.1.x.

Unfortunately, v2.x.x and v3.x.x are not supported.

How to protect your devices against ransomware

Any user should always follow these tips to avoid viruses in general and ransomware in particular:

  1. Always make sure there is up-to-date antivirus software running on your device.
  2. Update your operating system regularly.
  3. Do not download or run suspicious e-mail attachments.
  4. Make sure you have a backup of your important files for the worst-case scenario.

If your files have been encrypted by a new version of GandCrab, it is recommended that you disconnect your disk drive and wait for an update from Bitdefender. It is important to note that paying the ransom should be avoided.


  • Completely free.
  • Can decrypt GandCrab versions 1, 4, and 5 up to 5.1.
  • Easy to use.
  • Small in size and does not consume resources.
  • An overall simple tool that does one specific task.

Download the free GandCrab Decryptor from BitDefender

To download the GandCrab decryptorfrom BitDefender quickly and directly, you can click the download button on this page or visit the BitDefender website. Downzen also offers a fast link for the download.

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