Need for Speed Underground 2

Need for Speed Underground 2

The amazing car racing game for PC


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Need for Speed: Underground 2 for the most intense car racing stunts, choose your car and go full speed and overtake other cars, accept the challenges and test your driving skill in drift mode.

The good
Great control of the car during the race.
Runs on the lowest PC specs.
Compete with more than one mode as you wish.
The bad
The graphics quality is not excellent compared to modern games because the game is outdated.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Need for Speed Underground 2

Need for Speed car racing series is one of the most famous games ever, it has a large number of releases over the past years, and in this version called Underground 2, which was launched in 2004, you will be able to play and compete against cars on various roads, or drive the car freely on the city streets and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the graphics.

How to download and install the game on your PC

You can download Need for Speed Underground 2 with a clean, malware-free copy from Downzen, and then install it on your computer with very simple steps:

  1. Download the game file from the download section of the page, which is about 345 MB.
  2. Open the file you downloaded, type the name of the folder to which the compressed files will be opened, and press Unzip.

  3. Wait for the installation process to finish, open the game installation window, choose the appropriate language for the installation process, and click Next.

  4. Select the method of choosing the game install folder to be automatically Typical User, or change it toAdvanced User and click Next.

  5. Wait for the game to be installed successfully on your computer and then click Finish to finish the installation.

Requirements to run Need for Speed Underground 2

Need for Speed Underground 2 was previously released for PC, so you can run it on the simplest specifications of the existing computer, and now we will explain the requirements to run the game:


ProcessorIntel Pentium 3 at 933MHz
RAM    256 MB
Graphics cardVideo memory of 32MB or higher
Storage space900 MB

Getting around the city and accepting challenges

After successfully downloading and installing the game, you can start playing one of the most enjoyable game modes Free ROAM, which is to drive the car in the city streets freely, you can drive through different streets and practice driving routes. In addition, in some parts of the city, there are colored checkpoints that you can go to and accept challenges, and in the challenge, you'll be racing for the first place or in a drift race.

Game modes

In this mode, you will have to drive super-fast to win the race, and there are two types of races that you can compete in Need for Speed Underground 2 that we will explain now: 


    In this mode, you will be in competition with several other cars on a circular racing track, where you determine the number of laps, the number of racers, the amount of traffic on the track, and the difficulty of the game, then choose the right car for you to race.

    You will be challenged to test your driving skills, the race track consists of a zigzag road and you have to make the car drift skillfully in curves, and at the end of the race your driving will be evaluated and you will be given the appropriate grade.

Manual or Automatic gear change

Before starting races and competing with cars, you must select how to change gears, there is an AUTO mode to change gears automatically according to speed, or a MANUAL mode for the player to change it manually. And the gears are changed manually using the (Shift) button to increase the gears, or the (Ctrl) button to return the gears back, the manual method is more professional and requires a lot of skill in driving.

Driving techniques in the race

You can control driving your car by the keyboard easily, where you can use the arrow buttons to control the four directions, or use the (W), (S), (A), (D) buttons also to control the directions, and during hard turns, press the Space button for manual brakes and drifting professionally, as well as the (Alt) button that lets you use nitrous for a limited time, and the (C) button changes the player's camera in the race.

Change graphics and game control settings

From the settings of Need for Speed: Underground 2 you can change things related to the game, such as improving the details of graphics related to the city or car effects, lighting, reflection, audience, and others.

In addition to increasing or decreasing the screen resolution, there are also settings related to driving control and changing the function of the buttons on the keyboard.

Play the demo version of Need for Speed Underground 2

Need for Speed Underground 2 is free, but you can download and play the demo version of the game, in which the number of options will be limited, such as reducing the number of tracks and types of cars available for racing and other things, and to enjoy all the features of the game you will have to purchase the full version.

Need for Speed Underground 2 Features

  • A distinctive car racing game from the famous Need for Speed series.
  • Good graphics of the city simulator with all its many details.
  • Works even on computers with low specifications.
  • Drive the car in free mode in the city to explore its streets.
  • Accept challenges in free mode and enter races.
  • Compete in fast races with many other cars.
  • Test your driving and drifting skills in drift mode.
  • Browse different cars and choose one to race.
  • Changing the car's gear automatically or manually.
  • Great driving controls to drive the car skillfully and professionally.

Download the famous car racing game to enjoy the most beautiful races and competitions Need for Speed Underground 2 in the latest version from Downzen for free by clicking the download button on the page.

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