Simple Machine Protect

Simple Machine Protect

Protects PC from malware and manages the Windows system


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Simple Machine Protect to protect and manage your PC, scan the system for viruses and malware, and manage running processes and services with a set of great tools.

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Free and lite program.
Fast in virus scan and report display.
Great tools to manage and control the operating system.
The bad
The interface of the program is outdated and needs improvement.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Portable computer protection software

We all use computers to browse the web and we use USB disks to transfer data from one device to another. These activities may cause damage to the computer, and make it vulnerable to viruses and malware that may harm your important data, so every now and then you should perform a thorough scan and get rid of possible threats.

Simple Machine Protect is one of the lite and fast programs on the system, and it is a portable version that can be run directly without the need to install on the Windows system, and it works on different versions of Windows 32-bit or 64-bit, and it is a completely free program that is available for everyone.

Computer scan and virus removal

The program helps you scan your important folders and files, find any viruses or threats if any, and the scanning process is very fast.

All you have to do is select the partition or folder to be scanned, and after the scan is completed a report is displayed about the number of scanned files, the number of viruses, etc.

Various windows system administration tools

In addition to scanning the computer for viruses, Simple Machine Protect includes a set of Windows system administration tools, which perform various tasks, and help the user implement some important options in system administration, and these tools are:

System operations browser

There are many processes running in the background permanently, and the program can list these processes to manage, such as closing the process, opening a new one, or knowing the location of the process file, and it also displays important information about RAM.

Manage running services

The Windows system is a group of services that work side by side, and the program can identify the services that are currently running with the ability to stop any service, be advised that some services are necessary for the system to work and cannot be stopped.

Control startup programs

When you start a Windows system, a group of programs automatically run, which may cause the system to run slowly if there is a large number.

Simple Machine Protect can stop these programs from running at system startup.

Simple Machine Protect Features

  • A free and very fast program to protect your computer.
  • Very lite and does not require an installation.
  • Very quick virus scan.
  • Views a report with the result of the scan and existing threats.
  • Manages system processes on the background very efficiently.
  • Controls the services that are currently running on the system.
  • Stop programs that run when Windows starts.

You can download the malware scan program and get rid of all viruses and threats, Simple Machine Protect in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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