Stronghold Crusader HD

Stronghold Crusader HD

Fight with Salah Al-Din Al-Ayyubi and Richard the Lionheart

Firefly Studios

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Stronghold Crusader lets you play with the forces of the legendary Richard the Lionheart or Salah al-Din, a leader feared by kings. The game is a mixture of real-time strategy and building city and fortification games. The game includes new types of warriors (such as assassins), workers, and weapons (Greek fire), battles take place in the desert environment of the Middle East, and impose new combat tactics on the battlefield. As with the original Stronghold, Crusader includes a game scenario editor and allows up to 8 PCs to play in LAN or online multiplayer mode.

The good
Distinctive characters.
The trial version has many missions and enemies.
The bad
The graphics are very low.
Repetitive gameplay.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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The game takes you to the famous Arab lands full of brave warriors and exciting weapons and lets you join the Crusaders in historical battles of the Crusades against their opponents from the Islamic State. New battalions, 4 historical crusades, and over 100 unique missions.

Live the atmosphere of the historical Islamic Crusades through the battles of Richard the Lionheart and Salah al-Din, the Sultan of Syria. Lead a number of troops, who have lived through centuries of war, in the mists of the desert heat and fight for your freedom like Saladin the Great.

Stronghold Crusader features several campaigns documenting the First, Second, and Third Crusades, as well as conflicts within individual Crusader states. It features battles such as Nicaea, Heraclea, Siege of Antioch, Crac de Chevalier, and Siege of Jerusalem, as well as the crusade stages of the Stronghold Warchest and Stronghold Crusader Extreme.

Thanks to the new HD graphics, you can control your soldiers more than ever. The new high-resolution battlefield view allows you to zoom out and play in real-time, displaying the entire map on a single screen. Advance at the castle gates while surrounding the enemy from behind, pretend to retreat and lead your enemy into a deadly trap, or just sit back and watch the destruction unfold.

Join the forces of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi in four historical campaigns. Design and build your own desert castle with new siege weapons and defenses. Battle through 100 unique missions, each more challenging than the other.

Command new units with multiple abilities, such as the stealthy Assassin and the Nimble Horse Archer. View the entire battlefield on one screen with new HD resolution support. Play the original game on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 with added compatibility.

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