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Wondershare Filmora for PC creates the most beautiful videos in the easiest way possible. Add photos and videos neatly to the timeline, add background music, texts, transition effects, etc., and get an impressive result with the easiest tools.

The good
The user interface is very well designed and easy to use.
Download ready-made videos, audios, and more from the library.
Export the final video in more than one style.
The bad
In the free version, the video is exported with a watermark.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Video editor with professional and simple tools

Recently, videos have gained many followers, with the spread of platforms such as YouTube and TikTok on a very large scale, and the video industry has become very important for people who like to enter this field.

Wondershare Filmora helps users to produce professional videos in the easiest way, it has tools to deal with all video elements such as filters, effects, and many more.

Wondershare Filmora user-interface and arrangement of windows

The first thing you notice in the program is its magnificent user interface, which consists of several windows arranged next to each other. In each window, a part of the final montage process is displayed. At the bottom, there is a window in which most of the video editing process takes place, in addition to a window previewing the final video before saving it, as well as the media display window that you added to the project. With the toolbar at the top, it is possible to control the sizes of the interface windows by making them larger or smaller as you desire.

Add and browse media files for the program

The first task in the video editing process is to add all the media files to the program, and this process is done in several ways such as drag-and-drop or via browsing folders and selecting files, if the number of files is large, you can view them in various ways, such as displaying them smaller or arranging them by size, time or type. Files can also be sorted into groups by file type, camera type, etc., in addition to filtering the display of files, such as displaying only videos, hiding the rest of the files, and so on.

Arrange all kinds of media on the timeline

One of the most important steps of video editing is to arrange the files on the timeline, which consists of tracks for adding images, videos, and tracks for audio. More new tracks can be added if the need arises.

From the media window, drag the files one by one in the order you want and put them on the Timeline. The timeline can be expanded to display all files or to display files in a larger and wider size.

Handling Added Media in Timeline

After adding files to the timeline, you can deal with them in many ways, such as dividing the files into more than one part to get rid of some shots or rearranging the files next to each other according to the desired scenario, and when you select any file in the timeline, several quick tools will appear to modify it, the functions of the tools may vary depending on the type of file you have chosen, such as controlling the speed of the video, removing the green background, resizing the image, or adjusting the sound.

Start using professional editing tools

Wondershare Filmora provides the users with a lot of ready-made files, and in addition to the files that you add from the computer, the program contains a huge library that includes many important video elements of many types, and you can rely on the library to create a special video by using the appropriate elements, there are many tools that give your video a special touch to look impressive, and we will now explain the most important tools in the program and their uses:

  • Videos and backgrounds

    To import a variety of videos and use them in the project, including random videos, green screen videos, or static backgrounds with many colors.
  • Acoustics

    Add many types of audio tracks and use them in several functions, such as adding background music to a video or adding audio effects at specific times in the timeline, audio files are sorted by their types such as rhythm, travel, youth, rock, etc.
  • Texts

    Add texts with various usages to videos, such as subtitles, initial and closing texts on videos, custom text movement trajectory, texts can be formatted with many amazing options.
  • Transition Effects

    Choose the style of transition from one file to another in the timeline, there are many types of transitions, which are sorted into groups, such as basic, 3D, wipe, marriage, love, and other effects.
  • Effects

    Increase the beauty of the videos by adding several effects to them, there are a large number of various effects that are suitable for different uses, including effects that rely on artificial intelligence when modifying images of faces.
  • The Elements

    There is a set of shapes, icons, and stickers that are used in several things, such as the like and subscribe symbols for social networks and others, in addition to many creative forms that appear beautifully on videos.
  • Split Screen

    This tool allows splitting the screen into several sections, so that each section can contain a different video or image, with all the videos playing in the split screen at the same time, there are many forms of split-screen and some of them support playing up to 6 videos at the same time.

Exporting the video and saving it

You can press the Export button to start exporting the final video at any time. The program supports the ability to export videos with many options. Videos can be exported to a computer, uploaded directly to YouTube or Vimeo, or saved to a CD, in addition to choosing the video file format and specifying the quality of the video and audio as you wish, this version of the program is free, but it exports the video with watermark, the application's logo displayed on it.

Wondershare Filmora Features

  • Create professional videos with simple and powerful tools.
  • A huge library that contains everything a user needs for video editing.
  • Adding media files to the program in many methods.
  • Videos and audio tracks are easy to arrange on the timeline.
  • Background music and sounds of various effects can be easily added.
  • Different and beautiful forms of text for various uses.
  • Choose the style of transitions between timeline elements.
  • Many effects and elements can be added to the project.
  • The ability to split the screen and play several videos simultaneously.
  • Export video with many options including choosing the video quality.

You can download the professional video editing studio with simple and easy-to-use tools for everyone Wondershare Filmora 11.6 in the latest version from Downzen for free by clicking the download on the page.

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