Google Allo

Google Allo

Google Allo the new competitor for WhatsApp.

Google Inc.

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The all new messaging app Google Allo, find information do your work without leaving your conversation.

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Alaa Ibraheem
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    google allo is a messaging and chatting app, the app is one of the google Inc apps which is supposed to be one of the best chatting apps, the app has a lot of great feature as described by google inc, and here are some of the app features:

    • The app provides top security features as every conversation is end to end encrypted.
    • You can set a timer for deleting your conversations after you finish it, this feature is an optional feature to provide more security to the users.
    • You may also hide the your conversation during writing to avoid shoulder surfers.
    • Express what you feel without words, the app provides a lot of awesome stickers made by independent artists and studios from all over the world.
    • You don't have to use all caps letters to get your point across, you can say it out load or with low voice and you can also change the size of the font with a swipe.
    • Reply to your messages without typing the app provides a smart reply, this feature is able to learn from your behavior and responses and then can reply with text and photos to help you keep the conversation going.
    • Modify you images before sending it, the google allo provide an image editor within the app.

    download google allo from this site "", enjoy all its features.

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