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Google Classroom

Educational app for connecting teachers and students

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Google Classroom is an educational application designed for the interaction between teachers and students. You can create various classrooms, add your students to them, share different topics and assignments, and assess the students' responses.

Le positif
Easy enrollment in classrooms using class codes.
Exchange discussions between students and teachers in the discussion area.
Creating assignments with multiple options.
Organizing homework in customizable topics.
Le négatif
It does not integrate with other Google apps such as Google Calendar and others.
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Mohammed Samir
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Google Classroom App Idea

The app was created specifically for teachers and students in various educational settings, whether in school, institute, or elsewhere. It facilitates quick communication between students and teachers in a pure educational context, allowing you to continue the educational process inside or even outside the classroom. All you need is a Google account, as it connects students and teachers in classrooms using Google accounts.

Creating Classrooms and Joining Them

The first step in the educational process through the app is to create a new class. Enter the name of the class and add some optional details such as the section, room, or subject, then click on create. You can later edit class information at any time. From the class settings, you can get the random class code, which is sent to all students to join the current class.

Sharing Topics and Discussions in Classrooms

Both the teacher and students can share various topics in the class discussion area. The sharing can be enhanced with attachments such as images and documents, and everyone can reply to the topics and exchange different discussions. The teacher has greater privileges in the discussion area, being able to delete a specific topic from the interface or reshare a specific topic from another class to the current one.

Managing Homework for Students

There is a dedicated section in the classroom specifically for student homework. Only the teacher can create homework for their students, where they can perform several academic tasks such as:

  • Create a new assignment for students and write its description, specifying the marks for the assignment, and setting the final submission date.
  • Create a specific question for students to answer with a short response or choose the correct answer from multiple options. The option to edit the answer or enable students to respond to each other can be provided, along with setting the due date.
  • Create an announcement or message directed to the students that does not include questions or tasks. This announcement can be used in various ways.

The teacher can also organize homework into different topics, creating multiple topics related to homework. This helps in categorizing tasks and questions into groups based on the topic, aiding students in quickly distinguishing the tasks and questions directed to them. The teacher can grade the student's answers and send the grades based on the response for the students to view their grades.

Features of Google Classroom App

  • Great app from Google to assist in the educational process.
  • Connects teachers and students in classrooms and beyond.
  • Create classrooms and add information about the classrooms.
  • Share the class code with all students for them to join.
  • Open discussion area for students and teachers to exchange discussions.
  • Ability to attach files like images and documents in discussion topics.
  • Create various homework assignments for students by the teacher.
  • Grade each student based on the answer and send it to them.

Download the Google Classroom app for seamless teacher-student interaction. Get the latest version of Google Classroom for free from Downzen by clicking the download button at the top of the page.

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