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Telegram X is the alternative version of the official Telegram app for chatting with friends. Enjoy fast chatting with friends in private chats or groups, and search for various channels to join and follow their news.

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Messages can be quickly handled with gestures and long-pressing allows for chat preview.
Conversations are highly private with strict privacy conditions.
Le négatif
Unfortunately, it is not possible to make video calls at the moment.
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Mohammed Samir
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Differences Between Telegram and Telegram X

Telegram X is considered an additional version of the official and popular chat app, Telegram. It was originally developed by independent developers based on the original application, but Telegram later acquired it and rebranded it under a new name.

Telegram X does not conflict with the official app and can be downloaded alongside it on the same device. There are some differences between the two apps, such as quick chat previews, gesture features in private chats, and other features not found in the official app.

Private Chat

You can start a private chat with any friend from your shared contacts list. You can initiate a regular conversation or start an ephemeral chat where no message data is saved, and the chat is automatically deleted after a set period, and no messages can be forwarded between the two parties.

In private chats, you can share photos and videos from your camera or gallery, share files regardless of their number or size, share your current location, or contact details from your phone. There are also plenty of emojis and sticker packs available for free.

You can use gestures in private chats to interact with messages. You can reply to a message by swiping it to the left, and swiping it to the right will forward it to another friend. Gesture settings can be adjusted in the app's settings.

Groups and Channels

You can create a new group and invite friends to join, share discussions, and important moments. Simply enter the group's name, select members, and it will be created instantly. You can control notifications from the group, create an invitation link, and send it to your friends.

There are many channels on Telegram that share images, news, and more. Followers of a channel can read the news without the ability to comment, unlike groups. You can search for any channel by typing its name in the search bar at the top.

App Settings

There are many options available in Telegram X's settings. You can control notifications for chats, groups, and channels, enable quick message previews that show the latest messages without opening them by long-pressing, enable data saving mode, and stop automatic downloads of images, videos, and files. You can also control privacy settings, such as hiding your last seen status, adding a passcode lock, enabling two-step verification, and more. Additionally, you can change the app's colors and themes and download more stickers.

Telegram X Features

  • Telegram X is an excellent chat application and an alternative version of the famous Telegram.
  • You can chat with friends, share photos, videos, and stickers.
  • Share files with no size limit.
  • Share your current location and contact details.
  • Use gestures to interact with chat messages, such as forwarding and replying.
  • Supports free voice calls with any friend.
  • Create groups and invite friends to join.
  • Search for channels to follow news and updates.
  • Quick message previews with long-press.
  • Extensive privacy settings in the app's settings.

Click the download button at the top of the Downzen website to get Telegram X, the alternative Telegram app, for free.

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