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Twitter is one of the most famous social media applications in the world, the application enables users to tweet about their lives and subjects that interest them using only 140 character or less.

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    Twitter app is a free app that allows you to follow up on celebrity pages, news channels, international and local organizations, VIPs and even friends and family members, and also allows you to publish (Tweet) your opinions ideas stuff that interest you using only 140 characters or less, the application has many excellent and enjoyable features like:

    • The application is easy to use which contributed to its global spreading.
    • The application allows you to stay informed on all the news and events that interest you about your favorite celebrities and topics you only have to find their profiles and follow them.
    • Expressing yourself in the application is not only by text you can also use images, GIFs, video and Emojis
    • Using the (#) like (#new-york-times) will help you find all topics related to the subject.
    • Follow news and updates about celebrities who you love.
    • You can share your Tweets with other applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and LINE.
    • You can chat with other users of the app and luckily the 140 characters rule doesn't apply on the messages.

    The number of people using Twitter are increasing dramatically and there are many celebrities and some of those celebrities has followers up to 50 million followers and some of them have even more than that number like: KATY PERRY, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, YouTube, Rihanna ... and many more accounts, join now be creative with 140 and start tweeting.

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