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Animiz Animation Maker

Le logiciel de présentation vidéo animée le plus simple

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Use Animiz Animation Maker to egage your audiences with animated video presentation. It is the simplest animated video presentation software to create professional animated video presentations & gifs for free.

Animiz Animation Maker

Get started from Pre-made templates

Simply apply the ready-made templtes to create high-quality animated videos. There are tons of preset scenes available for making animated video presentations for business, education, management and more.

 Abundant free resources

Animiz includes libraries with thousands of pre-designed assets like characters, icons, svg images, and shapes for animation designers. Make your video presentation with interactive effect and unique design that will engage audiences.

Distribute to everywhere

You are allowed to upload animated videos to Animiz cloud for free. Moreover, you can upload videos to YouTube and share them to social channels(Facebook, twitter, etc) right away. Everyone can access your video presentations on different mobile devices seamlessly anywhere anytime.



No design experience? No problem! Animiz makes it simple for everyone to create animated and interesting videos for free. Drag and drop to add pre-designed characters and objects in blank scenes, customize objects' animations in timeline and finally publish awesome animated videos.

Infinite Customization

With Animiz, customizing your own stylish animated videos is quite simple. Everything is under your control from designing engaging scenes to publishing stunning animated videos. Just use this free animated video software to express all your creative ideas.

Intuitive Drag-and-drop Editing

Use the simple drag-and-drop interface to make editing a snap! Every element in your videos can be dropped and dragged into canvas directly. Besides, you are able to edit every element's animation effect in timeline as well. What you see is what you get.

Diverse Free Assets

Free video assets make it easy for everyone to create animated videos in minutes. There are numerous scene templates, shapes, roles, SVG images, audios and flashes available for creating fabulous animated videos for free.

300+ Stunning Scene Templates

Simply apply the ready-made scenes to create high-quality animated videos. There are tons of preset scenes available for making appealing animated video presentations. These scenes are classified into various categories including outdoor, indoor, modern, countryside and the more.

Multi-layout Online Video Templates

Animiz has a rich library of online animated video templates. You don't need to start your animated video project from scratch. Just replace one of the templates with your own contents, and then your professionally animated videos can be done directly.

1000+ Built-in Animated Roles

Hundreds of vivid built-in roles (GIF, PNG and Flash) are at your disposal. Each character has different actions and expressions. Adding roles in videos helps to deliver information in a visually captivating way.

Attractive Image/Color Scene Background

Attractive scene background can bring your animated video presentation to a new level. Just enhance your animated video presentations with two types of scene background including image background and pure, linear, radial or gradient color background.

5000+ Royalty-free Vector Images

Animiz offers rich vector images for users to illustrate ideas and create scenes in a vivid way. Whenever you zoom in or zoom out those vector images, it won't blur. Just bring your video contents to life with those images instead of static texts.

Powerful Multi-track Timeline

Utilize the simple but powerful timeline to customize background, caption, audio, animations and playing time of animated videos. Additionally, you can customize the time of scenes and fully control the video time exactly.

Create New Project from PPTX

Simply to import your PowerPoint file (*pptx) and turn your linear PowerPoint presentation into animated video presentation in a breeze.

Interactive Camera Effects

Make full use of the camera of Animiz to make video interactive and go straight to your points quickly. You are able to amaze your audiences with the great zooming, panning and rotating camera effects.

WordArt & Shadow Fonts

Fonts bring your words to life. With Animiz, you are able to enhance your common fonts with special WordArt or shadow effect. It is an effective way to make your animated video presentations more professional and attractive.

300+ Diverse Shapes

Different shapes (arrows, rectangles, circles, dialogs, etc) can be used to design video presentation layout. You can find out the necessary shapes right away and fully customize their color, size and opacity.

Background Music

Animated videos with right background music will easily create a certain mood and resonate with your audiences. The perfect combination of music and video scenes can bring a new sense of hearing and visual enjoyment.

200+ Practical Symbols

Symbols in Animiz can be commonly used in nearly all situations. For one thing, you can customize their color, size and opacity. For another, it helps you to present your ideas one by one with those symbol icons.

Diverse Built-in Charts

Charts speak louder than millions of words when giving your points. In Animiz, you can easily choose one of the chart templates (bar chart, dot chart, pie chart, stacking chart, etc) to customize your data and explain your points in a more persuasive way.

Formula Editor

Animiz helps you to easily add and customize different mathematic formulas. It is absolutely a powerful tool to give your animated video presentation especially the statistic-based video presentation.

Special Label Effects

When editing your animated video, you are able to emphasize or hide any part of your video presentations with four different label effects including blur effect, spotlight effect, mosaic effect and highlighter effect.

300+ Lively Animation Effects

Just make full use of different entrance, emphasis and exit animation effects to make the animated video play in the way you wish. With the 300+ stunning animation effects, creating interactive animated videos is just a piece of cake for you.

Fabulous Scene Transitions

Applying suitable transition effect between multiple scenes can make your animated videos play smoothly, clearly and naturally. Tons of built-in scene transition effects (fade, slide, spin in/out, dissolve, etc) can be used flexibly for free.

Hand-drawn Animation Effect

Colorful hand-drawn animation effect can make your animated videos looks more vivid and fascinating. Just take advantage of this effect to display your static contents in an interesting way.

Subtitle and Voiceover

Let the subtitles fly! Let the voiceovers play! Animated videos with caption and voiceover will help you to win over more audiences. Animiz makes it simple for you to play caption and recording at the same time in every scene.

Publish Videos to Cloud

Animiz allows you to directly publish your animated videos online. You can not only share your videos online (YouTube, Facebook, twitter, etc) right away but also watch your video presentations on different mobile devices seamlessly anywhere anytime.

Offline Video Creation

Just create high-definition offline videos in 6 different formats (.mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .flv, .mkv) based on your need. In order to ensure a better visual experience, you can customize video size, frame rate and voice rate before publication.

Save as GIF format

Animiz enables you to save your project in GIF format. You can not only decide whether to play the GIFs on a continuous loop or not, but also customize the Gif size and frame rate as well.

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