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iTop Screen Recorder to video record the computer screen, it is used for recording explanations and games. Select the appropriate part of the screen to start recording it directly, activate the audio and camera options as you wish, and edit the videos after recording them.

Le positif
Free and easy to use.
Screen recording via keyboard shortcuts.
Crop the videos you have recorded.
Several recording options are available for editing.
Le négatif
Not possible to select videos in the recording list to manage.
Free version displays a watermark on all recordings.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Video and audio recording

Some users need to video record the computer screen, whether for education like to record explanations for using software or for entertainment by recording games in real-time to show your gaming skills, or even for personal use to document some things on the screen.

With iTop Screen Recorder, the screen recording process will be easier, as it allows screen recording with simple and user-friendly options for everyone.

Download and install the program on Windows

The size of the program is small and does not exceed 29 MB.

From the download section on this page, you can download iTop Screen Recorder for PC with a fast and direct link.

Open the setup file of the program that you downloaded to start installing it on the system, the installation process is very simple, a shortcut for the program will appear on the desktop, open it and start recording.

Choose the appropriate region of the screen to record

The program supports recording the entire screen or selecting a specific region only.

The process of selecting the region is done either manually or through ready-made options, such as selecting windows of folders or programs to be recognized automatically or selecting the region by manually drawing the recording area using the mouse.

There are also fixed-ratio sizes with 16:9 or 4:3 dimensions. Once you choose the appropriate size, its borders will appear on the screen, and they can be moved manually or reduced as needed.

Choose the audio and camera mode while recording 

Before starting the process of screen recording, you must choose the appropriate mode for the sound and the camera, you can activate or disable these options before recording.

These options are recording the sound from the computer or the microphone, and also activating or disabling the appearance of the mouse cursor on the screen during recording.

Finally, the camera can be turned on to show your image on the screen during recording, the latter mode is frequently used when recording video games. 

Control the video recording process via shortcuts 

The beauty of iTop Screen Recorder is that it relies on shortcuts, as it is always running in the background and lets you run it directly via shortcuts.

Press the F9 button to start video recording the screen directly.

Pause or resume the screen recording by pressing F10.

F11 button can be pressed during recording to take a screenshot.

To stop the recording, press the F9 button again.

During recording, a small bar appears on the screen that allows you to control the recording as well.

View and edit previous recordings 

Once you stop recording the screen, a list of the last recordings you made will be displayed.

The program keeps all the recordings in a custom list from which you can know the length and size of the video.

The name of the video also shows the date and time the recording was made on the computer.

The video can be previewed via a video player on the system, or you can edit the video by cropping part of the video and getting rid of the rest or selecting a part of the video to delete and keep the rest.

Adjust the audio and video quality of the recording

From the program interface, you can control the screen recording settings, such as choosing the folder in which all videos will be saved, or choosing the appropriate quality of the video, whether SD, HD, FHD, or 4K, in addition to choosing the video and audio file format and the frame rate for video and audio.

In this free version of the program, a watermark is added to the video permanently.

The program's options from the settings

In the settings of iTop Screen Recorder, there are a lot of options that can be controlled, especially the recording options such as stopping the countdown when recording starts, adding a distinctive movement of the mouse and clicks on the screen, hiding the desktop and taskbar icons automatically and many more.

It also provides options to change the shortcuts to start recording and capture a screenshot, options for the webcam to place it on the preferred part of the screen, and to choose the size of the video.

Recording editing options

After recording the video, you can make some adjustments to it, clarify some things in the explanatory video, or add beautiful effects.

There are many options to edit the video, such as adding texts and stickers anywhere in the video, applying filters with great visual effects, or splitting the video into several sections and adding transitions between them.

In addition to controlling the size, speed, and color adjustment, however, these features are only available in the pro version and not in the free version.

Buy the professional version of the program

iTop Screen Recorder is free, with a paid professional version that gives you more great features, these features are not available in the free version, and we will mention some of the features that you will get in the paid version of the program:

  • Record the computer screen in high quality.
  • Schedule screen recording to take place automatically at a pre-set time and date.
  • Customize the watermark with many options or remove it when recording the screen.
  • Edit the video after recording; add filters, texts, and nice effects.

Editor's impression of iTop Screen Recorder

The program offers many wonderful options for recording the PC's screen and makes it easy for the user to control everything from within a simple and easy-to-use interface, not only that but also provides a special section for editing the video after recording and adding your own unique touches to it. All that and more makes the program one of the most important programs that you should have on your PC.

Features of iTop Screen Recorder

  • Record your computer screen in an easy way.
  • Register for an unlimited period for free without any restrictions.
  • Specify the screen region you want to record.
  • Easily start and stop recording via keyboard shortcuts.
  • Ability to take a picture of the phone screen while recording a video.
  • Review the list of previous recordings in an orderly and organized manner.
  • Edit the record video and crop only the appropriate part.
  • Control the recording options and adjust the quality, size, and others.

You can download the computer screen recording program to prepare explanations, record games, etc. iTop Screen Recorder in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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