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iTop VPN connects to the Internet via a secure VPN network and protects your online data and privacy. It anonymizes your identity by hiding your IP address on the Internet and opens all blocked websites, games, and sites.

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Nice easy-to-handle user interface.
Multiple connection protocols depending on the type of usage.
Monitor network speed in real-time.
Le négatif
Only 700MB per day is allowed on the free subscription.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Why use VPNs?

When you are connected to the Internet, you may face some risks such as sites that track your identity, location and activities on the Internet, and there is a risk when you connect to the Internet over open networks, such as airports, hotels, libraries, and others.

Using VPNs is one of the best ways to protect your identity from most online risks. iTop VPN is a great feature-rich VPN and it is available for Windows devices.

Download and install iTop VPN on Windows

The program is small in size and does not require a lot of storage space, you can download iTop VPN for PC from the download section on this page.

You can open the program file to start the installation. The steps to install the program are very simple, like other installations, during which you can choose the destination folder and make a shortcut on the desktop.

This service is also available on Android, you can download iTop VPN for Android and take advantage of the many features available for mobile devices as well.

The user interface and connection

The program interface is designed to be very easy to handle, and it is very similar to the interface of the iTop VPN mobile app.

In the interface, the real IP address of your device appears, as well as the large-sized button to establish the connection, and through it, you can establish a connection with the VPN service. After the connection is established, you will be given a virtual IP address and your real IP address will be hidden.

You will also be able to access all sites and services blocked by your ISP, as well as play blocked games such as PUBG for PC.

Choose the type of connection according to your usage

iTop VPN supports multiple connection protocols, all of which perform the same function with a slight difference in the way they work, and network protocols can be changed from the program’s options, and we will now learn about the working methods of these protocols and their impact on speed and quality:

  • Auto

    Balances security and speed at the same time, it recognizes your Internet usage and gives you the best performance, whether you're surfing the Internet or making a video call, the performance will be balanced in all cases.
  • TCP

    Offers the highest level of data protection and anonymity on the Internet, preventing your online activities from tracking by advertisers or authorities while doing online shopping or using banking services.
  • UDP

    Suitable for people who want high-speed performance, such as watching online streaming services, online games that require high response speed, and file sharing.

Features of the free version

iTop VPN is free on PC, but with limitations, which may not be a problem for many users.

In the free version, you will be given 700 MB of free credits to use when connecting to the VPN service and the free version is only available to US servers, and the server location can only be changed in the paid subscription.

Features of iTop VPN for PC

  • Unblocks all banned websites, games, and services.
  • Easy to use user interface, and similar to mobile apps.
  • Blocks access to your computer's IP address to hide your identity on the Internet.
  • Protects your data from being stolen while connected to open networks.
  • Great ease and speed in establishing a new connection with the VPN service.
  • Supports multiple protocols to connect to the VPN service.
  • Monitors the actual network speed of data sent and received.

You can download the latest version of iTop VPN from Downzen for free from the download section of this page.

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