Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD

A great system maintenance CD for computers

Ultimate Boot CD

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Ultimate Boot CD is a system maintenance disk bootable from USB or CD and it contains various programs and utilities to perform computer maintenance and repair operations.

Le positif
Contains a large number of maintenance programs.
Organizes programs into categories.
Available in ISO format, easy to burn to external memory.
Le négatif
Does not support booting in UEFI mode.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Maintaining the computer

Sometimes problems occur in the computer, these problems may stop the operating system from booting, and you will not be able to access important files and documents. Here comes the importance of the maintenance disk, Ultimate Boot CD.

  • Ultimate Boot CD

    A free computer maintenance disk is available as an ISO file. It performs maintenance tasks on the operating system, such as file recovery, system repair, handling hard disks, and others.
  • How does Ultimate Boot CD work

    The maintenance disk operates independently from the operating system, where the boot is chosen via the maintenance CD instead of the operating system, and then uses the tools in the maintenance CD to fix the operating system.

Setting the system to boot from an external memory

The UBCD comes as a file in the well-known ISO format, and in order to use it on your computer, you must burn it to a CD or USB flash drive, and then boot through it and start using the disk's content as you wish.

Burn the ISO file to a USB flash

You will need a USB flash drive of at least 4GB, and then use a burner like Rufus or any alternative program to burn the ISO file directly to the USB flash easily.

Learn about the contents of UBCD

Ultimate Boot CD contains a lot of tools, most of these programs are dedicated to dealing with various computer resources, such as the processor, hard disk, RAM, and others.

  • Interface design

    The interface of UBCD is designed in the old style, the interface is completely black with texts representing the main program categories, and the transition between the categories is done using the keyboard only.
  • Categories of maintenance programs

    There are a lot of programs in the UBCD that perform different functions, and they are sorted into main categories according to their function, and we will now mention some of the categories and the function of some of the programs:

    • BIOS

      View information about the BIOS version, reset the password, and reset all BIOS settings.
    • CPU Processor

      Test the overall performance of the processor, displaying comprehensive information about the specs and type of the processor.
    • HDD

      Manage the boot process, recover deleted data, test hard disk performance, manage hard disk partitions, delete all data without recovery, create a copy of the hard disk, and more.
    • Memory

      RAM performance test, knowing the size of the RAM and the number of connected RAMs, also test the RAM of the graphics card (GPU).
    • System

      Displays general and technical information about the computer's hardware, and tests the performance of the computer in general.

Features of Ultimate Boot CD

  • A great CD for easy PC maintenance.
  • Available in ISO format which can be burned to external memory, USB flash drive, or a CD.
  • Works on Windows or Linux systems without any problems.
  • The programs are sorted and organized into major categories.
  • Views comprehensive information about all computer hardware.
  • Tests the performance of the processor, RAM, and hard disk.
  • Recovers data from a hard drive or delete it permanently. 

You can download the Windows or Linux Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.9 from Downzen for free from the download section of the page.

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