Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars

Battle monsters using your own strategy to win

Level Infinite

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Alchemy Stars game to fight monsters that invaded the world, play using a successful strategy to the face of monsters, use all the abilities of the heroes to advance in the strategic battlefield, and improve the abilities of the heroes to increase their strength and achieve victory easily.

The good
A game that is full of comfortable colors for the user.
Many excellently designed characters.
Nice strategies while fighting with monsters.
The bad
The size of the game is very large compared to the level of graphics.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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A strategy game to fight monsters

The world was at peace for hundreds of years, suddenly dark creatures controlled by a mysterious organization invaded and occupied the entire world, and here comes your great task in confronting and defeating these creatures, through many strategic battles in which you use several heroes with their supernatural abilities. All of this is done in a very beautifully designed playing space with impressive visual effects. Google Play Store chose Alchemy Stars among the best games of 2021.

The details of the battlefield

All battles take place in a limited playing area that can be fully previewed, the playing area consists of a network of colored and adjacent squares, these colors are very important for setting a strategy of heroes' movement during the battle. Monsters are in random places in each battle and move on the colored squares in an attempt to attack you, you have to move strategically on the colored squares and chart your own path to attack and eliminate the monsters.

Stages and characters

In the game, there are many stages in which you will play. The stages are divided into several worlds that are all displayed on a beautiful map. In the beginning, there will be tutorial stages to explain how to move and attack monsters, and other stages in which you will face the bosses.

Before the start of the battles, you can choose the characters you want to fight with, more characters are constantly unlocked as you continue to play the battles.

How to move characters in battle

The arrangement of the colored squares is very important in attacking the monsters, you must choose a long path of the same color through the colored squares, passing by the monsters in order to be able to attack them. The location of the monsters changes after each attack, so you have to adapt to their places constantly.

You can use the abilities of the heroes to get some aid, such as creating a new path in the squares, or a targeted attack on one of the monsters, and many more.

Alchemy Stars features

  • Very distinctive graphics and impressive visual and combat effects.
  • Lots of stages and worlds full of powerful battles.
  • The playing area with colorful squares is convenient for the user.
  • Fight against various types of monsters and their powerful bosses.
  • Great and varied fighting characters whose abilities can be improved.
  • Rely on a strategy to win the battle.
  • Constant missions to get a lot of rewards.

You can download the latest version of Alchemy Stars a strategy fighting game from Downzen for free by clicking the download button on the page.

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