Monster VS Zombie

Monster VS Zombie

Prepare your monsters army and destroy the zombies


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Despite the simplicity of the Monster VS Zombie game graphics, but it is one of the most exciting games and fun.

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Alaa Ibraheem
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    Monster VS Zombie it's one of the fastest spreading games, the game has 500 thousand users in a very short time, the game has one basic style of playing but there are many scenarios to play, the main play style is simply 4 lines each one is a battlefield connecting between you and the opposition "in this case the artificial intelligence" the opposition send the zombies from its end to your end and you have to send your monsters to defeat them and whom get to win the battles gets to destroy his enemy's  castle and win the game. You can upgrade your monster and super monsters to 30 level which is the highest level, other than that you can level up your monsters and super monsters using stickers which enhance your monsters attack and defence skills.

    There are two helping tools to aid you during the game and they are:

    • Mighty blow: It is meteors summon to the battlefield and it only kills the Zombies and you can level up the power of the tool to the 30th level.

    • Power summon: this tool gives you the ability to summon super monsters directly without using the monsters for 3 times fist like usual, this tool has 5 levels you can upgrade and the more you level up the more it gives you time to summon more super monsters.

    There are more than 380 stages to play on three scenarios, and you have 100 point to play with each level need some points and you have to wait to recharge your pint or you can always pay for recharge to continue playing. Monster VS Zombie is a very addictive game download it now from for free and you can always buy some dimonds and gold to help you beat the monsters up.

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