Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Test your driving skills with the driving simulator

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a fantastic 3D car driving simulator game. Unlock more cars to drive on the streets, test your driving skills, and enjoy different game modes for car driving.

The good
Controlling the car in various ways according to your preference.
A large city is available to test your driving skills.
Unlocking more new cars.
The bad
Requiring players to watch long advertisements in the game.
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Mohammed Samir
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Discovering the Play Area

The game allows all users to simulate car driving on their phones, where the city buildings and streets appear in a very beautiful 3D format. The game's play area includes a very large city with wide streets, along with some empty spaces, and other facilities. You can freely move around the city to test your driving skills, experience speed, drifting, and other driving skills.

Controlling the Car

While driving, you'll see a set of buttons on the screen that allow you to control the car skillfully and quickly. On the right side, there's a button to accelerate the car to maximum speed and a brake button as well. There are also buttons for resetting the car in case it flips and a button to repair collision damage.

As for controlling the car's direction, you have three options: using the left and right buttons, using the steering wheel, or tilting your phone left and right. You can also change the camera view of the car to show it from different angles, both inside and outside the car.

Different Game Modes

You can test your driving skills in several different game modes:

  • Free Mode: In this mode, you'll be in an entirely empty city, where you can try anything in driving on its empty streets. You can also search for challenges in some parts of the city, try to complete these challenges, and earn rewards.
  • Checkpoint Mode: In this mode, you'll follow a specific path within the city, marked by a series of red columns. Your goal is to follow these columns and reach the finish line.
  • Traffic Mode: This mode is similar to Free Mode, but the city won't be entirely empty. There will be various cars on the streets, and you'll need to avoid collisions while testing your driving skills.

Unlocking More New Cars

There are many cars you can play within the city. Initially, you'll have only one car available, and to unlock more cars, you need to travel different distances based on the type of car. You can visit the Garage at any time to view all the cars and see the required distance to unlock each car for play.

Features of Extreme Car Driving Simulator

  • An outstanding game for simulating car driving on city streets.
  • Various ways to control car driving according to the player's preference.
  • Change the camera angle while driving the cars.
  • The game's play area consists of a large city with buildings and facilities.
  • Play in Free Mode to test your skills and find challenges.
  • Choose to play in an empty city, a city filled with cars, or within a track.
  • Unlock more types of new cars as you continue playing.

Download the latest version of the 3D car driving simulator game, Extreme Car Driving Simulator, for free from the Downzen website by clicking the download button at the top of the page.

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