Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving

Test your driving skills

SUD Inc.

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Dr. Driving is an Android car simulation game. Put your driving skills to the test by playing the game's different modes, avoid accidents and complete tasks to win prizes then upgrade your car or buy a new one.

The good
Different playing modes.
Buy and upgrade cars.
Realistic controls.
The bad
Poor graphics.
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Ammar Kurd
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The game is small (10 MB) and fun to play. The gameplay and controls are somehow realistic, which gives a nice touch to the game.

Game Modes

Dr. Driving offers different game modes.

  • PARKING: park the car in a specified place.
  • TRUCK: drive a truck in the highway with crashing.
  • LANE: switch lanes successfully.
  • SPEED: beat the clock, reach the finish line before it too late.
  • FUEL: drive to the finish line with limited fuel.
  • BROKEN BREAK: drive to the finish line without breaks.

There are other playing modes you can discover yourself after downloading and playing the game.

Download the latest version of Dr. Driving 1.70 right here in Downzen , just click the download button above for a direct and fast download link.

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    Android 4.0.3+