FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor

FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor

The best AI selfie editing app

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FaceApp is a portrait retouching app with advanced AI technology. You can use the app to edit your selfie to look older, younger or change your style! Download FaceApp now with a direct link by clicking the download button.

The good
Enhanced AI filters.
Ability to create collections.
Easy to use.
The bad
Very few filters and effects, compared with other similar apps.
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Ammar Kurd
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Facial transformation with AI

If you are wondering what would you look like when you are older then FaceApp is one of the best image editing apps that can do that using the most advanced neural portrait editing technology! But not only age-related transformations, FaceApp also has plenty of transformations and cool filters.

FaceApp will automatically search for images with faces so you can easily get the image you want. In addition, the app offers you the ability to Download celebrity photos over the internet with the Celeb option.

Once the image is added, the app takes some time to analyze and locate the face in the image. Then some icons appear at the bottom, such as Young, Old, Smile and other options, each of which will have an effect on the image, like making the person older or younger. Unfortunately, not all filters and transformations are free, there are some filters you have to pay to use them.

The results are amazing and truly realistic due to advanced AI technology. You will not believe how good they are until you try the app yourself.

Age transformation with FaceApp

One of the most entertaining aspects of the app is playing with age! Sharing your selfie or your friend's photo as an older or younger person and have a laugh with your friends about it. Again with the AI technology the results are awesome!

FaceApp and social media

Due to the amazing results especially with age transformation, FaceApp became a trend on social media platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp. Where a lot of people shared their photos looking older with the help of the app.

Photo Collections

FaceApp allows you to create a collection of photos in a single frame. This feature is ideal for making comparisons. The user can choose from either two collections of photos or four collections of photos.

Choose the type of collection, then click on the desired photo and choose the type of transformation to transform the photo directly, you can also add the original photo and three other photos with different transformations. Finally, you can save or share the collection with others.

FaceApp features

  • Advanced neural portrait editing technology
  • Plenty of effects and filters.
  • Automatically detect faces inside photos.
  • Ability to add celebrity photos directly off the Internet.
  • Ability to create collections.

Download FaceApp for Android in APK format

Get the latest version of FaceApp in APK format with a direct and fast link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.

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