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Create the most beautiful videos and add magic effects to impress your friends with Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects. You can see what others have created to get new ideas and be inspired by their creativity.

The good
A great app to add magic effects to videos.
A creator community to share your work and interact with other creators.
Easy access to videos via hashtags.
The bad
Many effects are not free.
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Ala Alsyed
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Featured videos

The first thing you see when you open the app is a selection of the best works created in the Funimate community. At this point you see the social networking aspects of the app, as you can interact with others' creations by liking, commenting, or sharing them, just like any other social networking app.

You can also follow the artists you like to get their latest creations into your feed, and if you're interested, you can view some tutorials on how to create your own art and start contributing to the community. 

Explore the Funimate community

The app has a special section for viewing different types of videos, where you can find many hashtags that categorize the videos into different types. 

There are many hashtags available, such as #TrowYourShirt, which contains the video about the T-shirt throwing trick, and there is also a Top Funimaters tab, which shows the top authors in the community.

From the search bar, you can search for a specific hashtag to see the related works, and you can also search for a specific creator to follow or audio files to use when creating your own videos.

Create a new video

Click the Add button to create your next amazing video and add the best effects to get amazing results that you can share privately or publish to the Funimate community.

The Add button contains two ways to create videos. The first way is to select the background for the video from several premade audio files and then start recording the video with your camera. The app adds many features to the camera video recording.

The second method is to select a video that already exists in the gallery and then start editing the video using Funimate effects, filters, and tools.

Video Editing

When you reach the video editing stage, you will find many great video editing tools, such as

  • Text Magic: To add text to the video in an innovative way, after writing the text and changing its color, style, and effects, you can move the text around in the video and synchronize the text movement with the movement of the video itself.
  • Touch Magic: To add effects to the video by touching different points on the screen, select the appropriate effect from a variety of effects, then move to another point and repeat.
  • Effect Mix: To easily add different effects to the video, adjust the timing for the effect to appear, then hold down the effect circle to add it to the video.
  • Stickers: To add several stickers to your video to give it a nice look, you can also add images from your gallery.

When the changes are complete, save the video to your phone or share it in your account so others can see it. It can also be shared across multiple social media platforms.

Personal profile

Each user has a personal file that contains all the works they have created with Funimate, whether it is a private or public file. In your profile, you will also find your followers and the creators you followed.

There is also a section with the works you liked while surfing the Funimate community, and you can also edit your profile and add your account to other social networking platforms.

Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects features

  • Great app for adding magical effects to videos.
  • View and interact with other creators in the Funimate community.
  • Categorize videos by adding hashtags to the video description.
  • Explore and search for different hashtags.
  • Find and track other creators.
  • Create a new video with the camera or by adding a video from the gallery.
  • Edit the video with the best tools to get impressive results.
  • Save the video privately or share it with other users.

Download Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects

Get the latest version of Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects 13.2.2 with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.

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