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365Scores: Live Scores & News

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كورة كافيه - مباريات اليوم
DescriptionPlay Fantasy Heroes and the rest of the games with the Champions League tournamentGet updates about your favourite team"The official application for the English Premier League."متابعة مباريات الدوريات العالمية مباشر
The good
    • The games are based on the performance of players in real matches.
    • Compete in sports trivia with real opponents.
    • The feature of voting and interacting with goals and players.
              • Ability to add matches and leagues to the favorite list.
              • Updates about live matches.
              • The latest news on various sports events.
                          The bad
                            • The process of switching fantasy players can be a bit complex.
                                      • Displays the list of matches in the week only.
                                      • Does not include information about each player on a team.
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                                                  Users rating2.
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