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The social network for musicians and music enthusiasts is a social network centered around singing and music. You can share your own creation with others and get valuable feedback or simply improve your skills in front of others. You can also lip-sync (similar to a karaoke machine) to popular songs to impress others.

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DescriptionHidden Camera and Funny Clips Application 9GAGDaily Motion is a social video network.The social network for musicians and music enthusiastsCake is a short video sharing application.Watch, interact, and share videosA social network for amazing short and share videos platform with high qualityWatch your favorite videos in using your smartphone.Mini and quick version of the YouTube application.YouTube Safe is a private children's platform with parental control.
The good
      • Nice and easy to use UI.
      • Sign-up using other social networking accounts.
      • Built-in tools to edit the video and add filters to it.
        • Easily switch between videos.
        • Explore videos through hashtags.
        • Save videos to the favorite list.
        • Ability to watch videos from the creators you follow.
              • Previewing videos with images before watching.
              • Sharing downloaded videos with friends through the app.
              • Fast video and channel browsing.
              • Small size and user-friendly.
              • Chooses safe and appropriate videos.
              • Parental control panel.
              • Reporting feature for videos.
              • Setting a specific session time.
              • Choosing the type of video: music or movie.
              • Supports Arabic language in text.
              • Selects the most important children-oriented channels.
              The bad
                  • The content might not be suitable for kids.
                    • Only 15 seconds videos are allowed.
                          • The video cannot be added to the watchlist later.
                          • Always in horizontal mode.
                          • It usually starts with foreign videos as suggested content for viewing.
                          • Extremely weak in Arabic language pronunciation support.
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