My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Reve

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Reve

Help Pedro take revenge on the gang


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My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge is an adventure to eliminate the gangsters by taking revenge for your friend Pedro after his wife and children have been kidnapped, it's time to take revenge and surprise the gangsters in their own base and eliminate them all.

The good
Excellent movement and shooting control.
Fantastic design of places and elements in battle.
Slow motion effect when shooting.
The bad
There are no checkpoints during the stage.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Pedro's vengeance on gangsters

Pedro begins his revenge story on the members of the Banana family gang that attacked him and kidnapped his wife and children, Pedro embarks on an adventure to raid and kill all the gang members in their own base. Pedro uses his special weapon to quickly shoot gangsters, or he rides on his motorcycle chasing the gang's cars and motorcycles, in addition to other methods to confront and fight the gang members.

Game stages

The adventure of the character Pedro passes through many separate stages, each stage is a battle against a large group of gangsters, and he passes through many places and difficult obstacles. The difficulty varies from stage to stage as you continue to play, when you lose in one of the stages, you will have to start again from the beginning, the complexity and difficulty of the stages increase as you progress in the interesting adventure with Pedro.

Game elements

In most stages, the play area consists of an enclosed space representing an indoor building, where Pedro moves from one location to another to find gangsters who must be eliminated. There are many obstacles and elements that will face Pedro during his revenge adventure, such as wooden boxes, explosives, closed rooms, and many more. Each location will contain new and different elements and you must adapt and overcome these elements to complete your journey.

How to control Pedro

What is special in the gameMy Friend Pedro is the wonderful control methods, in which Pedro moves in steps. Each step is a jump or slide from one location to another, the jump path is chosen by dragging backward and controlling the guiding cursor around the jump path, and when you reach the location of the gangsters, you will have to press to shoot. The shooting depends on the element of surprise so you have to press fast before they shoot you.

The features of My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

  • An adventure game with an interesting story to take revenge on the gangsters.
  • It was selected among the best games of 2021 in the Google Play Store.
  • Play in many challenging and shooting stages.
  • Diversity of items and obstacles in different playing space locations.
  • Control the movement of the character in a nice manner that depends on the skill.
  • Collect different types of weapons and use them abruptly.

You can download the latest version of the gangster revenge game My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge 1.12 from Downzen for free by clicking the download button on the page. 

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