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If you are looking for an app to share files and apps easily with others, then, Share Link is the answer. With it you can share photos, music, videos, documents, and apps with a single click, you can even share files with your PC. Download Share Link right here at Downzen by clicking the download button.

The good
Free and easy to use.
Available on both Android and Windows OS.
High transfer rates via WiFi without the need to connect to the Internet.
The bad
The development is discontinued, so do not expect updates.
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Ammar Kurd
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How to use Share Link

Okay, it can’t get easier than this folks! Share link has one of the simplest user interfaces you can come across anywhere. You will have two buttons one used to send files called (Send files) the other to receive called (Receive files), how obvious!

To send files you have to press the send files button, then you will be prompted to select what files to send, after selecting all the files you need to send by checking the box adjacent to them you have to tap the Share selected files button, after which the app starts to search for nearby devices that are ready to receive.

You need to do a similar thing to receive, you will tap the receive files button, then you will be prompted to select the type of the sender (PC or Android), after that the app will wait for the sender, that is it, you are done.

One more important thing, you need to have the app installed on both the sender and the receiver and have them connected to the same network.

Share Link for Windows

Share Link enables users to share files not only between Android devices but, using the PC version of the app it is possible to send and receive files with computers running Windows. To get Share Link for PC from Downzen just follow this link.

Share-Link features

  • Ability to share photos, music, videos, documents, and apps.
  • Runs on all Android devices.
  • Sending and receiving files via WiFi with high transfer rates.
  • Ability to share files with computers running Windows.
  • Free and super easy to use.

Download Share Link to share files and apps via WiFi

To get the latest version of Share Link with a fast and direct download link right here at Downzen, just click the download button on this page.

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