Talking Tom Hero Dash

Talking Tom Hero Dash

A talking Tom adventure

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In Talking Tom Hero Dash - Run Game you play the famous cat character Talking Tom, in which you have to run through different worlds to get rid of the evil raccoons and use Tom's superpowers to rebuild the world.

The good
Impressive 3D graphics.
Many different worlds in the game.
Many different elements in the game area.
Special events to receive rewards.
The bad
Too many ads displayed on the phone screen while playing.
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Ala Alsyed
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The premise of the game

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the evil raccoons have destroyed everything and imprisoned Talking Tom's friends in various places. Now it's up to you (as Talking Tom) to save the world, maintain order and free the hostages. To do so, you must collect gold coins and gems while running or collecting trophies, and after you have repaired the destroyed parts of the world, you can rescue Tom's friends from prison.

Learn more about the game area

The game follows the same style as many other running games, such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers, where you have a never-ending path with many obstacles to avoid. You will also encounter raccoons scattered everywhere, which you must eliminate by getting Tom to hit them, and don't forget to collect gold coins and other useful tools.


As said before the game follows the same style as  Temple Run and Subway Surfers this includes character control and gameplay, so if you played one of those games then you will have no problem playing this game. In the game, Talking Tom keeps running forward and all you have to do is control its movement to the right, left, jumping, and sliding, those movements are done by simple on-screen gestures. In addition to the simple movements, you can make Tom do a high impact slam on the ground by jumping then sliding.

Helping tools

As you run through the game, you will find many tools, and each tool has a different superpower to help Tom and his friends escape. There is the magnetic tool to bring coins to you, the superpower tool to run at full speed, and destroy anything in your way, the shield tool to protect you from collisions, and the tool to multiply the value of the gold coins you collect.

Rescue Tom's friends

One of the goals of the game is to rescue Tom's friends who were kidnapped by the raccoons, you can save them by restoring order to different parts of the world with coins and gems, and in every arena you play you can rescue one of Tom's friends. Each new character you rescue can be used in the game later on.

Play at special events

In the game, there are a number of special events that have started for a certain period of time, which can last several days. Special events usually require a mission to be completed, such as eliminating a certain number of raccoons, collecting a number of gold coins, or skipping a number of hurdles on the track, and each mission has different valuable prizes.

Talking Tom Hero Dash features

  • A wonderful adventure game.
  • The 3D graphic design is more than great.
  • Play in many different worlds.
  • Restore order to the worlds and save Talking Tom's friends.
  • Easy gameplay mode.
  • Many tools to help you overcome obstacles.
  • The ability to change characters and change their outfits.
  • Play on special events to complete missions and win prizes.

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