Discord: Talk, Chat & Hang Out

Discord: Talk, Chat & Hang Out

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Create a chat room about anything related to the gaming world with Discord Chat for Gamers or join an existing one. This app is the place for gamers to get tips and recommendations or just chat with other players about the gaming industry.

The good
Nice user interface.
Every server can have categories and subcategories.
Ability yo search for a particular message in a specific chat room.
Easily create a server and invite others to join.
The bad
There are no default chat rooms, the app centers around invitations only.
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Ala Alsyed
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To use Discord, you must first sign up for the service, and unfortunately the app doesn't support quick registration through your Google or Facebook account, but you must register by email and provide your information the old-fashioned way, then go to your email to confirm registration. You will also be tested by the ultimate human identification test THE CAPTCHA TEST to ensure that you are not a robot, but remember that if you take the test and pass it, you are after all just a carbon-based biological robot... so you've somehow beaten the system.

How do you get invited to chat rooms?

After you have successfully completed the registration process, log in to the main interface of the app, which seems to be completely empty, and you must receive invitations to join the servers where various topics are discussed. If you have a friend who is already on one of the servers, he or she can send you an invitation. The other option is to join a public server that you can find on various sites such as discord.me or discordbots.org.

Learn more about a specific server or chat room

When you receive an invitation, the number of server members and the number of currently active users are displayed. You can access all servers you have joined from the Discord side menu. The menu contains the icons of each server, which can be rearranged to suit your needs.

When you click one of the servers, the main categories of the server appear, and each category contains several sub-channels that vary from server to server depending on the server administrators' choice, and the channels may include text chat or voice and video chat.

Join in the conversation

You can enter any chat room within the server you joined and then chat live with existing members. You can send texts, emoticons, or even pictures or you can tag someone to address the speech to him/her. You can also see a list of all members who are currently online to add them as friends or search for messages within the specific chat room, with the possibility to filter the search results.

Create a server and invite your friends

You can easily create a new server to discuss a specific game or topic. Select an image for your server, then enter the name of the server and its geographical location and invite your friends to join your server. You can fully control almost everything on the server, such as creating new subcategories and chat rooms, creating member rules, selecting moderators and much more.

Discord Chat for gamers features

  • A great app to chat with millions of gamers around the world on a variety of gaming-related topics.
  • Registration by email only.
  • Join any chat server via invitation links.
  • You can join servers by public invitation links.
  • Servers can have several main categories and chat rooms.
  • Ability to chat separately for each chat room on the server.
  • Supports text chat or voice chat.
  • Share photos, texts, and emoticons with other users.
  • Search for a message in all chat rooms of the server.
  • Create a new server and fully control it in all aspects.

 Download Discord Chat for gamers

Get the latest version of Discord Chat for gamers 228.11 - Stable with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.

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