Truck Simulator 3D

Truck Simulator 3D

Ovidiu Pop

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Truck Simulator 3D
DescriptionA bus driving simulation game for transporting passengers between citiesA truck driving simulator game and creating your own transportation companyTransport various goods by truck between cities and enjoy the drive
The good
  • Beautifully designed 3D roads and cities.
  • Many realistic control methods for bus driving.
  • Interact with passengers by providing various services.
  • Develop the transport company in many different ways.
  • Realism in the game by focusing on the car driver.
  • Multiple camera angles while driving.
  • Developing the company through various beautiful methods.
  • Great graphics and 3D animation.
  • Highly realistic truck driving simulation.
  • Purchase more new trucks.
  • Weather changes.
    The bad
    • It takes a very long time to accumulate enough money for development. You cannot fully view the road map.
    • Difficulty in easily acquiring sufficient funds.
    • Display advertisements while driving the truck on the road.
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